Sunday, July 15, 2007


Compassionate Council's Perspective

Compassionate Council serves to wipe away the interference and influence of the past so that we may compassionately embrace ourselves today as the whole, healthy, and profoundly individual beings that we presently are. No revolt, no effort or struggle to become different, no change or improvement is necessary. A simple, direct awareness into the mind's nature, movement and manifestations reveals oneself to be other than these temporary beliefs we've taken ourselves to be. It is a total inward revolution without lifting a finger in the world and yet, the entire world shifts to receive you. There is nothing more practical, functional, or responsible than this total, inward revolution, for it is the natural expression of true freedom, undefined by anyone or anything.

What you can expect from the site...

A reservoir of ruthless love, freedom: what it is not, belief: what it is, the mind and its movement, consciousness, the total indivisible process of thinking (thought-feeling-neurochemical reactions-the body-experience-memory-reaction-interpretation), human issues: big and small, truth: I'm kidding I would never presume as much, my own personal journey: for your eyes only, and well, whatever else I feel like, for it all exists in one mind.
Of course, the more difficult the subject, the stickier the situation, the darker the view, the more intense my interest is in releasing us from such abnormal conditions.

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