Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Collapsing all of mankind into the palm of your hand!

It's funny how different we believe, or want to believe, each of us are from another. It seems we're willing to grossly exaggerate our petty differences to the point of killing each other over them just to feel unique, different, special. The differences, as well as what many may call the similarities, are objective, they are traits, characteristics, creations of mind that one can observe with their eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hands. Skin tone, language, food preferences, body type, personality, etc... However, all of them combined are quite insignificant in the light of our true similarity. Our true similarity lies not in 'what we are' but in 'how we are'. I would suggest it lies not in what the mind creates but in how the mind creates it. What is the process of mind? Clearly, it is your own awareness that must follow that question to where this process is operating within you. Allow me to get you started. The process of mind is how life and the individual are configured in order to create a relationship of survival , it is the backbone of reality for life on Earth. How you perceive, how you think, how you feel, how you relate, how you store knowledge, how you respond to circumstance, how you learn, adapt, grow, become... I'll stop there because nothing imagined is left out and this entry would be way to long! This 'how' is exactly the same for all, everywhere, always, with a few rare exceptions. You may like dahl and I may hate it but how we arrived at our different conclusions is exactly the same. You may have dark skin and I may not but how our skin became what it became follows the exact same process. You may think that communism is better than capitalism but the process of mind that arrives at that opinion is the same.

So, if you have read this far and are still willing to read a little farther, doesn't it strike you as odd why we, as a human species sharing a limited resource, have not explored this area of consciousness together? Why we haven't shared the unfolding discovery of mind and it's way of manifestation in the open, with great depth and intensity in order to bring this systematic process of mind to the light of our collective awareness?
Now don't get me wrong, this process of mind is not the only capacity of mind, that would be ridiculous to assume such a thing. There is, as one other example, creativity, which is totally different and not mechanical at all.

But clearly there are so many possibilities for life on Earth outside of this mechanical process of mind. And all that is required in order to touch a mind beyond this rat race is to be aware of yourself. Not the object that you are, not the things that distinguish you from another but the process that builds that which you've always thought you are. That process is a function of the human brain, the same human brain in every human head. The awareness of that process collapses the entire world into the palm of your hands. When you begin to learn about it you are learning about all of mankind. You are beginning to be aware of yourself.