Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Benediction.

Today has been a beautiful day. I have been inside the entire day because of my sore and swollen ankle. I've blogged a bit and watched quite a bit of television as well as ate every few hours, I was quite hungry from healing I suppose. An emotional wave came over me and I sobbed for a few minutes, just feeling my body shake as I released some pain. And then there was this benediction... I hobbled from my room to get a bite to eat and our front door was open, as it often is. There was, still is, a stillness flooding the room from outside, I felt it immediately, curiously. I went to the kitchen and made myself something to eat and then hobbled outside to sit in a chair and eat my dinner. This stillness was everywhere, covering everything and there was a silence engulfing it all. This may sound romantic but it really was not, maybe you know what I mean. It was as if the Earth was still and nothing disturbed it, the breeze, an airplane, a neighbor, a passing car, my own thoughts...nothing touched it. It was just as it is now, still, silent and sacred. The sunlight was a part of it, the trees and bushes, the birds, breeze, distant drumming and I were all blanketed with it, washed in it. I finished eating and just sat, resting myself there in it's embrace, so palpable and persistent. Timelessness was a fact, not some state to achieve,'s nature, was revealing itself to me, to anyone aware of this benediction I suppose. I even at one point clasped my hands and prayed my life's intentions into the silent sense of being. And then I came in and washed my dishes and wrote you this blog, just to share but a fraction of that feeling, that moment, that benediction that is still flooding the Earth!