Saturday, July 14, 2007

Children's E-Book Offering

Hello Compassionate Council Readers!
I appreciate your interest in my new children's book entitled, 'The Bright, Young Star.' The overall story was written by me in one sitting, one evening, about 7 years ago. It has sat around and undergone several tweaks since then until I found an amazing illustrator who was passionate about bringing my words to life! The illustrator's name is Julie Lee and a sample of her other work can be seen on her website Julie Lee.

Below is a short 4 page sample of the book, text and illustrations included. If you like what you read and see you will be able to purchase the entire 23 page e-book shortly.
All comments are welcome!
Thank you for your time and enjoy.

(Under Construction: Will be operational soon :)

Page 5: “Knowing who you are, you will always shine bright. Radiating love, through the darkest of night!”

Page 6: Well, the young one, bewildered, had a simple reply. It opened its mouth and asked, “Who am I? Why surely I’m a star, a star just like you, but you’re so much brighter, I would like to be too.” The bright one moved closer, a glimmer lit its eye. A glimmer that revealed, these eyes would never lie. "You are not a star dear one, and I am not a star. Why not ask the question once again, who is it that you are?" Well, the young one appeared a little confused, although still calm and slightly amused. So it moved a little closer, in the light of this friend. Looked it in the eyes, and spoke once again.

Page 7: “I’ve always thought I was a star, I’ve always felt I was a star, I’ve seen so many stars who are sure that they are… And experienced my whole life as starness too, but if you say I’m not, well what shall I do?” The bright one chuckled, dancing around. “Oh, dear one, there's no reason to frown. Doing, I must say, is no way to be. Turn around and tell me, what do you see?”

Page 8: The young one turned and saw the vastness of space, countless stars and planets in place. But what appeared on the horizon, shook the young one’s soul… There staring back, a humongous black hole!