Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ebb and Flow.

I live by the ocean and love to sit on the shore for extended periods of time, when I can, so I witness the tide rising and falling quite regularly. I even wait up to see the relationship the moon has with the ocean, how the tide fluctuations grow even stronger as the moon becomes fuller. You can read all this on a tide chart as well, but it somehow doesn't seem to have the same effect on me. When I lived in areas surrounded by ocean, like the big island of Hawaii and a small peninsula in Northern California, I could even feel the change within myself as the full moon approached. I would know the full moon was approaching simply by my exaggerated emotional imbalance. Sure enough, when I'd look up that night, there it was, coming on, the fuller moon was having it's effect. And the moon is only one of many such causes of this ebb and flow of the ocean.
What am I trying to say? Well, I'm suggesting that the idea I've harbored for a LONG time, that somehow I will reach absolute emotional, mental, and physical stability and remain there indefinitely is as outrageously absurd as believing the ocean will one day remain absolutely stable, without tide. And if this statement is true, the spiritual aspiration of such stability is equally absurd, and so is the self-image we all seem to defend that we are 'always' this or 'always' that or 'never' this or 'never' that or whatever absolutism you care to fill in. I'd even go so far as to say those who tell you otherwise are either lying to you or ignorant themselves because in fact, no such stability is possible or even required, unless you irreversibly damage your brain!! Being a form composed of mostly salt water, the physical body ebbs and flows and since there is no separating one body from the next, so does the emotional, mental, spiritual, light, ether...bodies. One day many of these, the next day a few of those. One moment this, that, and a few others, the next moment just THIS! And here I am spending all my time and energy attempting to keep my 'bodies' absolutely fixed!!! Are you kidding me? I mean, it could be a funny joke if I hadn't spent decades attempting it. And how much closer am I to this much sought after stability? One thing that does seem quite stable, however, are words. Words seem to remain what they are indefinitely. How interesting!?!? Language...has it trapped the fluidity of mind in an inescapable impossibility? Yes, think about the words 'enlightenment', 'truth', 'freedom', 'love', 'God', 'Christ'......WOW! Someone writes them down, utters them aloud and the one listening, the one reading is trapped. The word seems stable when everything else in life is in a state of constant flux...ask yourself where do you want to live? With life or the word.