Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Headlines, Part 1

This will be an ongoing post taken from headlines in one of our National Newspapers. I read today that the United Nations is investigating allegations of widespread sexual abuse by hundreds of Moroccan peacekeepers serving in the Ivory Coast. All 800 troops, an entire battalion, are being held in barracks until the investigation is finished. The abuse involved soldiers having sex with a large number of underage girls.
Clearly, human life on this planet is out of control. It's as if most everyone believes that if no one is looking, anything goes, except for one thing my fellow beings...YOU"RE LOOKING!!!!! In this instance, I'm speaking to the Moroccan peacekeepers who comitted such awful crimes. You are in that exact place at the exact time that you are doing the unthinkable and yet what, you believe there is no affect!! Maybe you just think it affects the girl, and maybe you don't think she is worth the life she has, or maybe you don't think you're worth the life you have, or maybe you have just never been taught what it means to have worth or value, but for the sake of argument, what if the effect goes beyond just the damaging of a girl that no one will ever know? And I'm not talking about you being damaged, clearly you're beyond caring about your own damage, and clearly you've been damaged yourself, but you are the eyes of human consciousness in that moment, in that camp, on that night. It is recorded in your brain, which is not just your brain...it is a human brain. What if every human brain records the experience taking place in consciousness and shares it? Just because I can't see my computer sharing information with yours doesn't mean it is not sharing information, does it? The challenge of human existence is all of ours and no one's more responsible than another. No, I'm not a Moroccan U.N Peacekeeper in the Ivory Coast sexually abusing underage girls, but I read about it and turn the page. Clearly, life asks more of us than that! And I don't mean the sound bites of politicians or the ideals of some church, I mean a revolution of the mind, and the only place I come into contact with the mind is right here, in my body, where I am, right now. I have direct contact with the entire content of human consciousness, all of it. And not only that, but I have direct awareness of how this content is distorted, twisted, ignored, and re-framed in order to deny having such direct contact and in order to deny having any personal responsibility. No more is needed, no other person is needed, nothing needs outside interpretation or authority, just the ending of my own denial of what I know to be true about being human. We are all human, right? That's my responsibility, what's yours?