Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Way of Revolution.

The revolutions we have known so far have been of a certain variety. Most arise like powder-kegs from a situation that makes living unbearable for a percentage of a certain population. They explode and the world is different in the wake of that explosion, however much or little and for however long, it is different. Revolution is energy exploding into form, energy that has been locked away, forgotten, imprisoned, denied and here, in part, is the interesting thing about it. Because most of us do not live with a sense of energy pulsing through our veins every day we are only comfortable bearing it for so long and then our circuitry wears down and we tune out. That seems quite natural, everything ebbs and flows, right? And yet the fact that our bodies and mind are conditioned into certain forms, for instance a particular level of comfort, doesn't necessarily mean that the level of energy we are, therefore, comfortable with is, in fact, the level of energy that is possible, natural, or even healthy. Possible is a touchy word to use because I am not implying you should TRY to have more energy...that, clearly, would be a waste of energy, but I'm only interested in how the conditioning we are subject to, as a nation let's say, day in and day out has a very definite effect. Picture a particular condition that effects our bodies and mind, like television, as a light, silk, 500 thread count sheet. We're not judging television, only comparing it to a beautifully light sheet. You lay down in bed and that wonderfully light sheet floats down on top of you. Another condition, like diet, is a second light, silk sheet that floats down on top of the first...Pretty soon you're laying under 5,000 light, silk, 500 thread count sheets and you're a lethargic, suffocating pool of immobility! But when you look to take off any one of them you may not choose to. Change my diet?!?! Stop watching 5 hours of television?!?!? Be alone?!?!?! Stop smoking?!?!? No coffee, change my routine...?!?! The revolutions we have known may say, "I will not live with these 128 silk, 500 count sheets...but the rest, sure..I'll keep them', if they were at all aware of the rest to begin with. Now, I'm in no way suggesting those 128 silk sheets didn't have to be removed, only that a Total Revolution is quite another bag!
Take an avalanche. When buried in an avalanche it is said you should spit from your mouth so that you can tell which way is up. Buried in feet of white snow with only seconds to get out before it freezes together it may be the only way to tell which way is up! The moment you spit, you know, thanks to gravity, and you immediately dig up to get out. That immediacy is revolution. And yet who feels as if they are buried in an avalanche with seconds to save your life!! I'm numb to the Earth's call for revolution, I'm numb to humanity's call for revolution, I'm numb to life's call for revolution, for I've yet to see the white out of the avalanche I find myself in.