Tuesday, August 14, 2007

All Things Act Only As A Mirror, Reflecting Your Own Nature.

Hello friends. There seems to be some confusion surrounding the nature of things, any thing. All things that exist, out in the perceivable world around you or within your mind, are merely mirrors reflecting your own nature back to you. Nothing, absolutely nothing, exists objectively without your influence on it. What you see, hear, feel, taste, smell is all interpreted and filtered by you, you're defining it, you're giving it meaning, you're objectifying it. Nothing escapes your intimate involvement and yet most are completely unaware of how they are influencing everything they perceive. When you think someone is a bad person you actually SEE them as being a bad person, really! You see the badness as being inseparable from the person and yet you have influenced how you see that person, it is not objectively so. If I asked you why is that person bad, you would have many examples proofing your perception and this proof would seem so objectively real, so absolute, and yet, it is only your interpretation, your thought, your way in which you store memory, perceive, etc.

If you read any 'holy' book out there, you are not reading objective truth, sorry. You are seeing your own reflection through words on a page, how you interpret those words, how you feel about the story behind those words, the meaning you've given it, the meaning others have given it, etc. But there's nothing there but a mirror, reflecting your own self, where you are, who you are, how you see things, how you interpret, how you perceive, think and act. I mean, it's so obvious isn't it? That's why every person has such a different reality when related to any particular thing. A red rose means nothing to you but everything to her, the bible means literally what it says to you but to him it's simply a parable on life. And yet each of us struts around trying to force our perceptions on others as if ours are objectively fact and yours are not!! Totally ridiculous!! Everything is merely a mirror, everywhere you go, all day long, at work, at home, at a bar, at a church, in your head...mirrors reflecting your own nature.

But most are not seeing the mirror as a mirror, they're imagining the mirror is something else. For when you see a mirror as a mirror you look in it and see yourself. You see yourself as you are, not as you wish to be. When you see yourself as you are, you are beginning to know yourself. When you know yourself you never need to look in another mirror again, finished. And when you never need to look in another mirror again in order to know who you are, living your life in a world of mirrors becomes a totally different experience. I dare say what is reflected then!