Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Being Alive is so Dynamic!

Dramatic Scenery of Big Sur, California,Big Sur

Greetings. This morning, as I continue to nurse my sore ankle, I am realizing, once again, how dynamic life is and how static, limited and narrow thinking about life is. To compare the two is like comparing the sun with a pocket flashlight. It's not that a pocket flashlight doesn't illuminate the object, or part of the object, it is directed towards, only that it illuminates a solitary object, or part of that object only! Everything else is left in the dark expanse of possibility, which must more or less be forgotten for the sake of concentrating on what the flashlight is actually illuminating in that moment. There's nothing wrong with the way a flashlight works, it does what it is supposed to do... it's just that I feel I may have come to rely to heavily on it's limited ability to illuminate reality, by the can't, obviously, it's only a flashlight!?!? I mean, the sun is illuminating half the Earth right now and my flashlight is illuminating a tiny thought of unease scurrying through the darkness of mind. 'It's there, it's gone!! Quick, catch it, shine your light on it, there it is...where did it go...over there, no that's not it!?!?!' Can't you picture a man in a dark expanse with a tiny flashlight trying to 'know' his surroundings with absolute certainty...come on, right? Suddenly I see how mixed up I've been and I'm actually apologetic for asking so much of my compact pocket flashlight. Better save the batteries's sunny outside!