Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blazing Your Own Path Means There Is No Path!

Sleeping in the Forest, Ka'uiki Hill, Maui, Hawaii,forest

Dear friends. This evening it dawned on me to write about being completely your own, being alone. In order to be alone one must see through conformity, imitation, and the following of an other. Why is it that we find it so difficult to be alone? Why do we long for company, validation? To follow, imitate, conform, whatever name you call it, implies reaching a goal, doesn't it? It implies a result. To follow an other, for instance, implies that my mind believes there is somewhere else to be, someone else to become, something to change into or arrive at. Therefore, it also implies time as the necessary future. Because I am seeking a result I follow an other seeking the same result in the hope that through them, I will reach my destination. We eventually find or hear of someone who has attained the result we long to reach and therefore conform to the pattern they lay down, the practice they adhere to, the conditions that lead to where we want to go. We are, of course, lost while treading the path of an other but seldom realize it as such. We simply see there is a path, a path leading to the destination I hope to reach and we follow. Everyone is doing it so it must be right, right? Whatever that destination may be, there is always a way to it, a path leading there, that has been traversed by others before me. Like following a path through a deep forest, I will see nothing of the forest, that expands in all directions, aside from the path I'm on, wherever it leads, I will simply follow, until I reach my destination.

There will be signs along the way, all the markers left behind, all the ways to measure and make sure I am still on the right path and getting closer to the end result. Once again, if you have a destination in mind, there is a definite, recognizable path leading there and a leader to follow. However, do look at the mind that moves towards a pre-ordained destination. The destination becomes everything, it swallows the journey whole. It is narrow, fixed, following a groove it cannot deviate from until it reaches its goal. Its as if the minds brilliant light is narrowed down to a simple flashlight along a path leading to a point forever in the future. Even if you were to arrive at this point, this destination, what do you think will be waiting for such a restless mind when it stops, a mind that is destination oriented? No, being alone implies no destination and no destination implies no path. If there is no path this means no one has walked ahead of you, no one has ventured where you are, and there is no where to go. Therefore, where you are right now is the destination and every step you take is the unfolding of creation. What you believed you'd find then is here now. Feel it in your veins, absolutely rejecting all authority, all conformity, all imitation, and herd mentality. Not outwardly, not breaking the law, which would be so very foolish, but inwardly. Inwardly throwing everything aside, all that you've been told and taught, all destinations, all results, all becoming, all improving, and radically shifting your attention to the complete cessation of all belief. Then, you are standing alone, without a past or a future, in the middle of a deep forest, with no where to go, and only creation to play with.