Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

beautiful tree,solitary,open field
This photo was taken by David Vernon. This beautiful tree lives in a corn and soybean field in Illinois. It has become, with David's blessing, the logo and image of my foundation, Compassionate Council. Here it is in the winter time looking as radiant as ever. I love how it remains so immovably itself through all the changing of the seasons.

"There is a tree by the river and we have been watching it day after day for several weeks when the sun is about to rise. As the sun rises slowly over the horizon, over the trees, this particular tree becomes all of a sudden golden. All the leaves are bright with life and as you watch it as the hours pass by, that tree whose name does not matter-what matters is that beautiful tree-an extraordinary quality seems to spread all over the land, over the river. And as the sun rises a little higher the leaves begin to flutter, to dance. And each hour seems to give to that tree a different quality...By midday its shadow has deepened and you can sit there protected from the sun, never feeling lonely, with the tree as your companion. As you sit there, there is a relationship of deep abiding security and a freedom that only trees can know." - J. Krishnamurti. (excerpt: 'Krishnamurti To Himself,' February 25, 1983)