Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Conditions Of Our Lives Shape The World We Live In.

We've all grown up in such a complicated world. And no one grows up free to discover what this world is all about on their own. We grow up being conditioned like farm animals, who we are, how we respond, what we believe, what we do, how we do it, etc. Even our rejection of such things is conditional. From birth, all the way through life, there is this ceaseless conditioning of the human brain taking place. And of course, at a certain point in this warped development, we become the conditioners of ourselves and others, for we know no other way. That which was inflicted upon us, we in turn inflict on others. We call this shared burden, relationship. Now, maybe it strikes you as funny how the world seems to grow in its complexity along with the individual. I mean, even though the young, innocent child's brain is being personally molded by the dangerously unqualified hands of another, this child's world remains far less complicated than yours or mine. I know, I've heard the 'truth' just as you have...that is, the 'real world' is complicated. The child is sheltered from this 'real world' for a time but must eventually join it and survive there. I personally feel as if that's bull****.

The world is complicated because are conditioning makes it so. And yet, we are the conditioning agents! Conditioning, quite simply, is the scar of the past. Conditioning is what is left over and passed down through the past experience of others. Conditioning runs and rules our very existence as human beings and yet when you look at it, how it comes about, what it is made of, and how it effects our present perception of life, it is just plain poison! I mean, certain basic conditions rule the world of physical survival. O.K. No problem. But beyond that...big problem! And this is the best part about conditioning, everyone covets it! Most hold conditioning up as the greatest of human accomplishments, or better yet, straight from God itself! Our religions, rituals, books, knowledge, practices, cultures, beliefs, thoughts, history, nations, tribes, sects, clans, you name it, all are made of the same substance...past conditions. The habit of repetition. It is quite simply a self-imposed optical illusion making whatever is repeated seem permanent, unchanging, real, everlastingly true and totally independent of your personal involvement in making it so. Right up to the God of institutionalized religion.

If you resist what I'm sharing, it's a conditioned response, if you agree with what I'm sharing, again, conditioned response. I stated earlier that most people covet conditioning. We covet conditioning because we believe we are our conditioning. We have been taught to identify ourselves with the conditions that mold our brain. It's what makes life so dreadfully personal. Therefore, no one grows up free to find out for themselves what this world is all about, we are forced into relating to it through the interpreting filter of the conditions we're born into. That is, unless we can see this fact presently operating within us. If we see this fact operating, as it is, without any conditional interference with said observation, there is another life waiting. If we see the conditions held within forming the complicated world without and how the complicated world out there, in turn, reconditions what's held within there is a break from the conditioning process. One is no longer identified with the conditioning of their particular brain. Interesting, huh? Care to share your own observations on this subject?