Saturday, August 4, 2007

The difference between you, me, and Osama Bin Laden.

What is the difference between you, me, and Osama Bin Laden? It's to bad people don't bother to leave comments to my posts or else I'm sure we could have a laundry list of differences! I'll name a few easy of us has taken responsibility for the deaths of thousands of people, one of us is currently hiding in a rugged, mountainous region in the Middle East, one of us just finished his last day at work and is nursing a sprained ankle...etc. Many differences, right? And when you perceive life from this viewpoint there are so many separating factors, so many ways to isolate yourself from that which you see or feel or even someone you don't like. Perceiving from this place breaks life into many, many small fragmented pieces which are still somewhat related, but...strained, to put it mildly.

So, taking that perception and adding to it we can ask each other, 'ok, why are we different?' The question 'why' broadens our perspective a bit to now include thought. And immediately everything changes, if you can catch the subtlety. Yes, you can perceive the content of thought, what you or I am thinking in a particular moment, and see how there are differences, vast differences here to between you, me, and Osama Bin Laden. The thoughts each of us have are different, many of them at least, and these differing thoughts drive forth very different actions, clearly. However, opening our perception to include thought has also introduced a tremendous similarity between all of us. That similarity being, 'yes, we may think very different thoughts, but we all THINK and our thought directly supports the actions we take. Have you ever asked yourself HOW you think? It is at this point where most of us seem to diverge from one another, at least in my experience, because it seems to me that most people are terribly interested in the content of their thought.

Being interested in the content of thought and the actions it produces creates further separation, fragmentation, and differences, clearly, which, in turn, strengthens the uniqueness of you, the individual you adamantly claim to be.
However, for me, the content of thought is not nearly as interesting as the fact that we all THINK, and the thought we think creates action in our lives! What interests me is the HOW we think because, believe it or not, the HOW we think is not different, separate, unique, or individual at all!! The HOW is exactly the same, everywhere with everyone, including you, me, and Osama Bin Laden. So, although there are these numerous differences between us in one regard, we all, like it or not, fundamentally embody the exact same process of thought. It is truly amazing to just let that sink in.

And so, instead of paying so much attention to the passing content of thoughts that seemingly divide us, what if we paid a little more attention to this process of thought, HOW it is we think. How does thought operate, how does it direct our actions, how does feeling support thought, how do memories operate in respect to thought, how is the image of myself put know what I mean? The HOW is the blueprint of reality!! Now, back to our differences, maybe Osama Bin Laden is not interested in the process of thought, but you and me surely can be. Will you join me?