Monday, August 27, 2007

The Dynamic Life of Actual Living Is Always Welcoming You Back.

Well, I'm finally back on my own two feet and walking around much more, with much less of a limb. My ankle's five week journey to recovery has finally turned the corner. I've been able to take my bike out for a ride and walk down by the ocean once again. It's beautiful to be back in the arms of the Earth! The world inside our walls is made almost exclusively by thought. Our apartments and homes, computers, desks, chairs, beds, carpet, lamps, refrigerators, televisions, you know, nearly everything inside one's home is thought produced and man-made. That's not so when you walk outside. Sure, there are the automobiles parked outside their homes, traffic lights, paved roads, and telephone wires, but all of these things are quite simply dwarfed by the natural world. The expanse of the sky, the towering trees, the sound and flight of birds and insects, the flowers, grass, ocean and sand.

Humboldt National Redwood Forest, raining,Redwoods, Redwood forest

For example, there is a beautiful eucalyptus tree growing across the way in my neighbors front yard. It towers above their home, clearly overshadowing it in majesty and grace. The home, beautiful as it is, is simply a static image of the mind, put together by someones hands, where as the tree is a living, breathing being, incomprehensibly larger in scope and depth. Spending as much time indoors as I have, for me at least, I can see how easily, how unnoticeably one can get lost in the surroundings of one's own mind. When your surrounded by inanimate life, hour after hour, it is so very easy to slip into the trained habits of mechanical living. One begins to fashion their lives around inanimate functionality, for that's essentially what habit is, functioning as if you were an inanimate object. 'I do this at this time, this way, everyday,' 'I then go here and remain for an hour performing this duty before returning here and doing that until 5:00pm.' 'I then go here and stay until 9:00pm before doing this.' You know, something like that.

There's an obvious trade off, although often times unnoticed, when we habituate our lives. We're choosing the security, efficiency and comfort of non-disturbance over the dynamic, liberating and highly insecure sense of actually living. Maybe it's necessary to a certain extent, and then again, maybe not. Who am I to say? However, it seems that if we're giving most of our time every day to working for, and surrounded by, inanimate objects, we simply become an inanimate object. And the mind is not only the storehouse of the inanimate but the creator, for all thought, in and of itself, is inanimate. It takes your attention to momentarily animate thought, but without your attention it is simply inanimate images, words. Unfortunately, if thought is guiding your life, it is gradually shifting the animate, dynamic life we're all a part of into inanimate, governable and predictable forms.

Think about your relationships for a moment. Relationship is life! Relationship is the dynamic interaction of life with life, the depths of such interaction are unknown and unfathomable. And yet most relationships today have become image-based and therefore inanimately mechanical. Do you know what I mean by image-based? You remember what someone has done to you in the past, what they've said, how they've acted in certain situations and you now relate to them through that predetermined screen of your own interpretation. That's right, thought, the creator of your computer and the roof over your head, turns every living thing into an inanimate image so that it may know what kind of relationship it should have with it! WOW!!

Please, check it out for yourself, I could be totally lost in my own inanimate fantasy land. But if you do look and see for yourself, anything, the truth or falseness of this observation, do come back and tell. For the dynamic life of actual living is always welcoming you back into the fold. It's a moments insight that seemingly separates you from the dynamic life that you are and then the inanimate is a tool on your belt, not the master of your life.