Friday, August 10, 2007

Freedom: The outlaw of any state.

Freedom is the only true outlaw to any state of mind or any state on Earth for that matter. Freedom is not some thing your gurus, teachers, leaders or saints promise is waiting for you after some arduous journey to nowhere! Freedom is not 'attained' after practice, renunciation, discipline or an act of will. Freedom is not a habit of mind, a groove traveled so often it becomes invisible and dead. If you believe in freedom you are lost in the bondage only you can create! You cannot follow another to freedom, another cannot point to freedom, another has absolutely nothing to do with freedom, no matter who they are, what books they write or seminars they 'teach.' Freedom is not awaiting your presence at the top of a mountain, deep in a cave, in some distant land, or around the corner in your church. Thought will never take you to where freedom abides, thought will only think about what it thinks freedom is, which, of course, it is not. You cannot earn points towards buying freedom or accumulating merit in order to trade up for it. Freedom is not a commodity to be bought or sold, bartered or given away. Freedom has never been taught.

There is no authority standing between you and freedom and absolutely no way of measuring your progress towards it. There are not signposts along the way, no matter what road you travel, that point towards your eventual rendezvous with freedom. All the nonsense written, spoken, acted out, and proclaimed by anyone living or dead, ever, has nothing to do with freedom, sorry! You could read, study, contemplate, and implement every strategy or path ever laid down by some 'master' and still be no where, except trapped in the box of your own imagination. You may believe you are free, but you merely believe...nothing more, nothing less. Freedom has no relationship with belief. Freedom has no relationship with anything at all, it is truly independent. What a joke, the independence and individuality we believe we are when bound to me and my life! The word individual means 'undivided.' Are you undivided within yourself? Freedom is not the plaything of time nor circumstance and has nothing to do with experience. That's right, even the experience of damaging your brain, called 'enlightenment' by most trained minds.
Freedom, my friends, is the only true outlaw of any state of mind or any state on Earth for that matter. Are you curious enough to take a sip?