Thursday, August 2, 2007

God doesn't need...........

me to do his work for him. (Excuse me for personalizing God in my image, male, it is absolutely insignificant to me today how I refer to God.) The God I am aware of doesn't need anything. God doesn't need me to work on his behalf, God doesn't need me to struggle to know him, suffer to feel him, satisfy him or win his approval. God doesn't want my unhappiness, my strife, my conflict, my discontent, my problems. God is not asking a thing from me. God wants me to be happy and know love. God doesn't need me to be happy, he just wants it soooooooooooooo much! Why do we think God needs us to do his 'work' on Earth? Why do we feel as if God would even work in such a manner? God 'works' directly, always, and I promise you it is not through you or me, that would be indirect and therefore there would arise the possibility of his brush not directly touching his own canvas. He doesn't need you or I to direct his brush or tell him how to stroke the canvas...we're talking about God right!?!?!? God painted this existence and it is one of peace, love and happiness. If you do not see the same picture I describe to you today maybe it's because you're seeing a world where everyone is 'doing God's work.'

You see, personally, it makes me happy to see people fed, it makes me happy to see people smile, be clothed, sheltered and loved. It makes me happy to help another with a chore they must complete or get to where they want to go easier, faster, and with less stress. These and many other things make me happy, fill me with a sense of awe and love and so the doing of them is not God's work, it is my happiness, which is all God wants. None of these people who need food need to be converted, they don't need to live with internal strife because of what I've told them to think versus what they naturally enjoy. I don't need to fill a person with contradiction in order for them to know God, God doesn't want you to be full of conflict and wage war with yourself. God doesn't need me to do his work, God only wants me to be happy. If making money selling arms to third world countries makes you happy, God doesn't want you to stop doing it. But if you're selling arms to third world countries because you're doing 'God's work' you've missed the only point in life. God doesn't need your help, he only wants you to be happy.