Friday, August 17, 2007

Human Beings Are Fundamentally The Same (period)

Orphans, AIDS victims, Youth Alive Club of Musoma

I have felt another condition break in my mind today. It was one that was heavily fear based, having to do with what others think of me, what others would do to me if I were to be myself. Today, I will inform you, my friends, that I am ruthless in my love of life! Absolutely ruthless, and it was terrifying before now. And yet, I never realized until the condition was gone that the terror had much more to do with the fearful condition being in place, superimposed on this ruthless love, than the ruthless love itself! Sure, I am afraid some people will not understand the change in me, but so be it... I am what I am, why deny it any longer? Am I living this life as myself, or as someone else may want me to be? Before today I guess I would be somewhat unclear about that, but not now. The energetic difference is palpable. I thank you all for listening.

Human beings are fundamentally the same, the world over, everywhere...period. There is no debating this issue, it is a fact. A fact may not be the most comfortable thing to face, people seldom face facts as a result, but it is so logical, so sane, so healthy and responsible to simply face, bare, unadulterated facts. The suffering you and I go through each day, in our 'heads', is no different then the suffering each individual the world over goes through as well. There is just absolutely no such thing as 'mine' or 'yours' in terms of psychological space, it is a shared, inter-related landscape where each human being is plugged in and downloading suffering, misery, isolation, despair, anger, resentment, jealousy, resistance, stress, and an occasional passing joy, from the exact same hard drive. The idea that we would even talk about individuality while this FACT runs unconsciously, everywhere, is a standing joke to anyone who is observing the fact in themselves. When humanity turns their collective back on this operating system and then has the nerve, born from sheer ignorance, to dictate to others what is, or is not, the cause of our problems on Earth is an amazing spectacle to watch. Although, some of us get tired of simply watching. How much longer can one remain sane in a world so utterly consumed with ignorance unless you are ignorant yourself? Is it that hard to imagine that the conflict we feel within may have everything to do with the fact that we are ignoring what we know to be absolutely true? Religion is not the answer to humanity's problem, it is a by-product of the cause. Politics, nations, sovereignty, and capitalism are not the answer to humanity's problem, they are a by-product of the cause. Our relationships with each other, changing them, improving them, fixing them is not the answer to humanity's problem, they are a by-product of the cause. Self-help, self-improvement, self-realization, selfishness in all forms is not the answer to humanity's problem, it is a by-product of the cause. When you realize none of these playthings of a agitated mind will bring about the solution to humanity's problem you stop playing with them. And then, my friends, the solution moves into this world through you.