Friday, August 3, 2007

I'm beginning to see somewhat differently.

I'm beginning to feel as if nothing is out of my reach, nothing is out of bounds, and anything is possible. I'm beginning to trust that that is so, regardless of what any particular circumstances may try to prove otherwise. It's as if my awareness has shifted, even more so, to a place/space/existence that cannot be defined by what 'seems to be going on' in my life and the life around me. I'm aware of that which cannot be turned aside due to circumstance, experience, or past impressions. There is a strength in this p.s.e (place/space/existence) that never reveals itself outwardly, for it knows itself too well to be bothered. It is the strength of having no second, no other, no problem, no worry, no need. It must be the strength that gives life to all, what else could it be? It's the kind of strength that could watch fortunes crumble or dreams come true and yet remain untouched in the midst of it all. Everyone has touched this strength before, if you take a moment to reflect. Of course, you will not find it again through remembering only, but then again, it isn't something to be lost or found! It is my foundation from which all of my life is built upon. It is the first to be overlooked and the last to be remembered for it is so very near and dear! It can be the same with a loved one, right? It's called 'taken for granted.'

This evening, nursing my rapidly healing ankle and writing to people I've never personally met I am aware of the consequences of taking life for granted. If you look around in a moment when your mind has settled and is still you can see the consequences of life taken for granted everywhere. And when you look still closer you may even begin to see how the concept of time itself is built upon taking life for granted. And you may even be able to see the tragedy of that...time to improve, time to become, time to change, time to heal, time!?!?! This strength I speak of is not a plaything of time. This strength I speak of is not a matter of circumstance. This strength I speak of will not be found. It is the trust in the fact that nothing is out of your reach, nothing is out of bounds, and anything is possible...and that can only be said to be true NOW. Thank you for your kind attention. May your life blossom in the strength of your own being and may you refrain from taking this life for granted more and more each day.