Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Last Nights Total Lunar Eclipse.

Dearest Readers. Last night, beginning at around 1:51am PST, the Earth passed between the sun and our moon casting its shadow across the entire face of the moon. It was the longest total lunar eclipse in seven years and it was truly a sight to me. I wasn't sure if I would see it though, as that hour of the night is not one in which I am normally awake. So here's what I did. Despising alarms, I told myself, as I lay down to sleep around 10:15pm PST, that if I wanted to see the lunar eclipse I should wake up at 2:30am PST. I then proceeded to fall asleep. As best as I can recall I was dreaming that I was sitting in an old car, one from the 1950's or so. I was tuning the radio knob when it came to a point where nothing was being broadcast. I looked down at the face of the radio tuner and saw deep, black space. I was 'sucked' into this space and for some time there was only space, no sense of me or a story developing. Then, straight out of empty space I could here this message being broadcast: "The total lunar eclipse is now taking place. It looks as if the Lord Maitreya has overshadowed the moon. It's slightly red in hue, quite beautiful. It is now 2:30am." Having heard that I remember thinking that I should wake up and go outside. Then I thought, well, sometimes I dream that it's a certain time only to wake up and find out that its not. So I decided, all of which is happening while still asleep, to wake up in order to check the time, and that I did. I awoke and reached over for my small bedside clock. Finally finding the light on its face it read 2:30am. I looked out my window and could see the moon being eclipsed in a crystal clear sky, with a slightly red hue. Smiling to myself, I went outside and sat under it to watch the beautiful show.

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Here are a few thoughts that passed through my mind as the Earth's shadow engulfed the full moon. Several lights were on in homes along my block and I could hear people speaking with each other, quite loudly at times. I could hear at least three separate conversations from three separate homes all talking about themselves, being in some sort of situation with another that they were uncomfortable with. Now, don't get me wrong, I could very well be heard saying the same or similar things at one point or another, so it wasn't about judging the circumstance. It was, however, of interest, and a certain degree of privilege, to be able observe from a wider perspective than the one solely centered within 'me and my life.' Sitting under this ever-increasing expanse of sky, as the moon turned more red, the cosmos turned on, and the night insects sang in all their glory, the self-imposed isolation of humanity was so apparent. This movement of following thought further and further into the recesses of an isolated, separate, and self-perpetuating 'me.'

It is no wonder the world, meaning our relationship with each other, seems to be pulling apart at the seams. Each looking to their own isolating thought process for salvation, security, identity, and comfort. Each breaking pieces of life off from the whole in order to hoard them in their own dark corner of existence. Each believing they are safer in the darkness of ignorance then the light of understanding. For in the light, you are seen for what you actually are, where as in the dark, you can pretend to be whatever you wish! Being the only one on my block admiring this planetary event, the possibility of which is shared equally and at the exact same time by 3/4 of the planet, I felt as if our behavior, yours and mine, is the only problem we face on Earth. There is no hiding from the consequences of our actions, no matter how dark the corner is we stand in. Until we come together in the throwing off of delusion, great and small, comfortable or not, there will be no end to the increasing demand for displacing sorrow and unending suffering on all those who cannot play the 'board game of life' as well as we can. Yes, witnessing this beautiful event taking place above us in a sea of silence, I understood how the noise of our own existence overshadows the silence of divine love. Of course, the shadow we cast hasn't passed in an hour and thirty-four minutes!