Saturday, August 25, 2007

Observation Implies No Identity.

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I have been increasingly aware, as of late, of the movement of life as a total living process. By that I mean, awareness seems to have no fixed, separate identity as 'somebody' who is aware of other things separate from itself. There is only one fluid movement. I promise, I am not attempting to describe some extraordinary state, quite the contrary, it feels far more natural than pretending to be the end product of a never-ending story with an audience of one. Without the belief in the sense of separate existence, one is aware of life naturally unfolding within itself in its own way, in its own time, as it is. In fact, it seems to me that this very belief in a separate self gives rise to resisting the way of life and, therefore, produces the experience of 'my life' we are all too familiar with. If you're unsure as to what 'my life' refers to, start with the sense of being an isolated, incomplete, unfulfilled somebody and build it up from there. It really is a shame seeing as the way of life is love.

However, the illusion of a separate sense of self can only arise from the absence of moment to moment awareness of that which takes place in the field of experiencing. When there is moment to moment awareness there is the insight that these 'moments' are not isolated, individual events stretching out in time, but rather one, unbroken, uninterrupted movement called life. This life, the nature of which is indivisible, only appears to be broken apart when the mind is identified with an object in the field of experience, like the physical body. It is only when the mind believes, for instance, that it is the body, that life appears fragmented, broken apart, and 'out there.' For then life becomes merely about the body and, therefore, the movement of undivided love goes on unnoticed. However, without this believe that binds the mind to a particular body there is the effortless recognition of the indivisible nature of that which the mind experiences, life, as well as the absolute independence of the experiencing mind. Both being whole, undivided, and complete in themselves, there can only be said to be wholeness reflecting upon itself. There are, therefore, not two but only one, and that one is incomprehensible, with nothing apart from it to comprehend it. And all of that reveals itself when one sees through this mistaken identity. I hope you've had as much fun reading this as I have writing it. Feel free to leave any contributions you see fit and have a wonderful Saturday.