Friday, August 17, 2007

One Mind Friday: Being Creative

One Mind Friday is a blog meme created so that we can all get to know bloggers better. Every Friday, starting August 24th, bloggers write on the same topic, but from their own particular perspectives. They write their perspectives on their own blogsite and then the fun begins, because we all, in turn, visit each others sites!

The topic will be displayed on my site, here, on the Thursday night before so that everyone has enough time to think about it and write it down for Friday. Here's an example of how it will be presented starting next week. The topic is 'Being Creative.' What does 'being creative' mean to you? What does it mean to create? Each of you participating can take this topic in any direction you want. Run with it, wildly!!! All are welcome to participate.

My particular perspective, today, on 'being creative' is this:
For me, it nearly always makes more sense to begin with what something is not. It is easy to define something, in a positive sense, but we seldom realize how our own definitions and interpretations create images in the mind of an other. And, unfortunately, an image always comes in between you and that which you hope to directly experience. So, for me, being creative is NOT following an other, learning a technique, exercising a talent, reacting from the past, imagining a future, believing in some idea, habitually operating through a pattern, having a purpose, making an effort in a pre-ordained direction, being a slave to thought or know, life as many of us know it most of the time. No, being creative is totally different than all of that. One will never 'know' creativity, it is not an object of the known universe. In other words, creation has no relationship with anything else because it is prior to everything else. But don't get me wrong, it has no relationship with time either. By prior, I don't mean backwards through a long period of time, I mean so immediately present as to be out of time. And yet, I've still said next to nothing about what it IS. You cannot learn how to be creative, nor are you pre-destined for creativity, not from my perspective at least, and that's all I'm sharing with you, a perspective. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that our entire education from beginning to end, instills the near absolute denial of creativity. We are educated to stomp it out wherever it may attempt to blossom forth. The limitations one is aware of in their very own self are there to guard against this explosion of creativity. Why, you may ask? Creativity is dangerous to all that man has built. Creativity is the total denial of man's production. If I may indulge in myself, creativity walks hand-in-hand down a winding forest path with Freedom. Lovers, they are, walking together through the landscape of their love. That's right, if I'm to speak of what creativity is, even a little bit, it must smell sweet as a white angel trumpet kissed by the moon while no one, and nothing, is around.

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