Thursday, August 16, 2007

Playing A Board Game With Fake Money Can Be Quite Revealing.

Wow, I had no idea when my roommate asked me to play a board game called Cash Flow that I'd be in for such a humbly and transformative experience. I've always known I've had issues surrounding money. My friend Simone and I did a radio program just a few weeks ago around the meaning of money which brought up several key, long held beliefs and issues for me, but this board game took it to another level. How can I describe the mentality of my consciousness concerning money? Well, yesterday's post, 'Pockets of Darkness in a Sea of Infinite Light', is a good place to start. I've been existing in a black hole of belief concerning money!! There, I've said it, and it's true...well, at least it was true up until yesterday. Awareness is always the missing ingredient, once that is mixed in, what an immediate release. And it did occur in one moment, three hours into the game, while I was continuing to go around, in slow circles, in an area of the board they call the 'rat race'. Now the 'rat race' in this context means that your monthly cash flow is less than your monthly expenses. Or rather, once I paid all of my expenses for a month I would have a portion of money left as cash flow, which would be a portion considerably less than the amount of my expenses each month. In this cycle, the most important thing is paying my expenses each month and attempting to safe an incredibly small amount, month to month to month. If you must know, such has been the story of my non-board game life as well. But then suddenly something clicked, in one single moment, my entire perspective concerning money shifted. Without going into complicated details concerning the entire structure of this very realistic 'board game' I will say that I no longer see money, acquiring money, needing money...anything having to do with money, in the same manner. More like a 180 degree turn, total shift in perspective, if I was walking north yesterday, I am now walking south! So, I hope for those of you who visit my site on a more regular basis you will actually see the differences I'm alluding to manifest through my life and in turn, through this site.

Now besides the obvious shift in my on perspective surrounding money there is also such an incredible lesson for me concerning the true power of belief. I speak about belief often because I have experienced radical releases from all sorts of deeply embedded beliefs, but this most recent example reveals to me, once again, the near total darkness experienced before the back of a belief is broken. You do not know it is there, you cannot see out of it, you cannot take an others point of view, you ARE your particular belief. You never know, until you're out, that you were ever in one, you just call it reality...until it's not. This, my dear friends, is why all the work here, whether you would call it that or not, is inseparable from compassion. Being compassionate with yourself, first and foremost, allows you to be compassionate towards others because you understand the plight of darkness by going through it yourself. You understand the near total blindness of belief and therefore see others through honestly acknowledging yourself. All the madness you see around you is directly due to belief, all of it, and yet fighting it, resisting it, forcing a change in it, is equally mad because it is driven by belief as well. You may consider your belief right and an other's wrong, but such distinctions are totally irrelevant in terms of the fundamental nature of belief. It's just one black hole of existence clashing with another. Once you directly experience the immediate release from the strangle hold of a particular belief, you know, if you are aware and tell the truth, the nature of all belief and therefore understand the plight of all individuals everywhere. Compassion, love, honesty, openness, awareness, peace, these attributes accompany the loosening of belief not judgment, hate, deceit, closed, unaware, war. And it is through compassion with oneself that opens the door to the black holes of belief within you, known and unknown, being dispelled in a sea of infinite light.