Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pockets of Darkness in a Sea of Infinite Light.

Most people will probably not understand why I chose to call this post 'Pockets of Darkness in a Sea of Infinite Light.' That's to say most people think exactly the opposite. I'm talking, once again, about belief. Beliefs, no matter what they are, where they come from, or who believes in them, are likened to so many pockets of darkness. At the center of any particular pocket there is a belief. This belief may take the form of a thought, feeling, impression, person, place, object, sensation, you name it, 'inside the skin' or 'outside,' that has remained fix, static for so long, as to seem permanent, real, lasting. Existing exactly as a black hole is said to exist, a belief has an incredibly strong ability to pull objects of similar, or different constitutions, towards it, eventually swallowing them up. Not even light can escape it's grasp, which is why it becomes a pocket of darkness. And just like the phenomena of a black hole, if an object is sufficiently far away from this center, if there is enough space between the object and the black hole, it will not be pulled in. In fact, it can actually observe this entire dance of other objects being pulled into the black hole and not be affected. That is, if said object were a human being, observing through powerful telescopes orbiting out in space.

So, let us examine this a little further. The power of belief is its pull, its gravitation. A belief pulls attention towards it, but it doesn't stop there. It pulls so completely as to merge with this attention, so that the attention, the energy of awareness animates the belief. You don't just get pulled towards a belief, you get pulled into one, you become the belief. Powerful, right? If you do not really understand the power of belief just look at the first belief we've all been absorbed into. That first universal belief that all human beings belief in is the belief in 'who they are.' This pull is reinforced through the awareness of all the other human beings who have been pulled in and absorbed by the same force as well. Once the first belief is set, and we now exist in isolation from everything else, we are set out seeking belief in all forms. Beliefs that we hope will somehow complete the incomplete belief I began my life with, me. Because, as we stated earlier, belief is limited, like a black hole, there is an event horizon, get too close and you are sucked in, however, stay far enough away and you're not.

Speed forward now in time and take the example of a guru, teacher, preacher, parent, authoritative individual who shows up in your life, peddling their particular interpretation of right living. It is a belief. If you get to close you will be sucked in, if not, you won't. Getting sucked in may mean you experience what they promised you'd experience, but you're lost, sucked deep into a pocket of darkness. Why? Because you're hungry, needy, searching, incomplete, unfinished, desiring improvement. Why? Because of who you believe yourself to be. Having already been pulled into that black hole of belief you need to find it, and feel it again and again, for you only have contact with others by being pulled into belief together. If you think, feel, act, or experience life as being incomplete...the bells are ringing people, you are in a pocket of darkness. And the next, new belief will not pull you out, it will pull you further in!! So, if you weren't born into the setting of particularly strong beliefs or reject said beliefs, you set out to find the particular ones that satisfy your constitution. So, belief exists in isolation, disjointed, you must find them, seek them out, if they haven't been spoon fed to you. And belief can only exist in isolation, that isolation may expand to include several hundred million people, but it is always, only a pocket of darkness.

However, there is always a circumference to a belief's influence. The moment the belief's isolation is apparent the spell is broken. This takes place when enough space exists between the belief and the one aware of it. Laying outside of the belief's sphere of influence the belief becomes useless, impotent, powerless. The belief returns to being just a passing thought, feeling, impression, person, place, object, sensation, you name it, 'inside the skin' or 'outside.' A pocket of darkness loses its grip and vanishes into the sea of infinite light. All beliefs are created, creations of mind, and therefore can be destroyed. Now, if your nature is destructible then living life as a belief may be a fine fit. But if your nature is indestructible then identifying with a belief is cruel and unusual punishment to inflict on yourself. But it is for each to uncover for themselves, am I a pocket of darkness of the sea of infinite light?