Sunday, August 19, 2007

Relationship Reveals Who You Believe Yourself To Be.

This post is being written partly in response to the 'boot camp' I am participating in, which is organized by my friend over at Journey with Water Learner. This is the same friend and website that just awarded the Compassionate Council blogsite with the 'Inspirational Blogger Award'. Thank you Water Learner. The rules of the camp are simple, no lying, no flowery speech, no harsh speech for a week. However, I'd like to take this subject matter a little deeper, if you will. I'd like to speak about relationships, not any particular relationship, like husband and wife, or best friends, but all relationships one has with anyone and everything. Because if you are at all aware of the movement of relationship you are aware of how they reflect 'yourself' back to you. And by yourself, in this instance, I mean who you believe yourself to be, mainly your conditioning. Conditioning, simply stated, refers to anything repeated enough as to leave a memory mark that evokes automatic reactive responses to new stimuli when triggered. Are you aware of the thoughts you entertain when your actively engaged with an other? Are you aware of how those thoughts color your experience of the interaction, how you make things appear to be as you think them? How about how your mind may wander away from paying attention to someone who believes you are listening intently? Or the judgment placed on individuals you don't know in situations you know nothing about? Or the way you routinely, habitually interact with those close to you? What about the images you have of those you know and don't know? Have you noticed how you are always the center of everything you believe is happening around you, people are thinking of you, laughing at you, talking about you, judging you, looking at you, involved in your business...

Really? I mean, you, yourself, are for the most part always concerned with yourself, so why would others be concerned with you too, instead of themselves? These are but a few examples, I promise, of the movement of most relationships humans have with each other, and the world around them. I know all of these examples from witnessing their movement in my own life. Some were easily spotted while others lay hidden in dark recesses of my mind. You may even read this and deny it, but that's just part of the movement of our conditioning as well. All conditioning, first and foremost, is designed to operate unseen, unnoticed, and unaware of its own involvement, so why would your response be any different, for most belief they are their conditioning? Of course, most would not refer to it as conditioning, they would refer to it as 'Mary', 'Ryan', 'Stacy', 'Clark', or 'Robert'.

However, when one is a little more serious about living they may become increasingly aware of this 'inner' movement of conditioning. How it flows out and effects the 'outer' world only to be taken back 'in', strengthened and reformulated to condition again. One may even see the absurdity of artificially dividing this indivisible movement. And when one stops dividing an indivisible movement there is only the total observation of that movement. And when there is only the total observation of that movement, there is no longer conflict within that movement, for conflict exists only where there is a false division. Therefore, one sees the total effect conditioning has on the brain, and the world at large. When one sees the total effect of conditioning, one realizes that false division, in any form, is the most destructive reaction possible. One can then put an end to this disease of 'right' conflict versus 'wrong' conflict, for there is no longer the belief that I am a separate, individual being apart from this movement of relationship, or life. Right? For when I am separate from the movement of relationship there is conflict between me and 'my' relationships, which breeds further separation, which gives rise to deepening conflict. This seemingly endless cycle is being played out everywhere, in every relationship on Earth. It may even begin to seem funny that our most prized of all possessions, me, is the source of all conflict and sorrow. Well, funny, if it weren't also creating such incredible suffering worldwide, within and without. So from the landscape we live in today, instead of calling it funny or tragic, let's just call it fact and allow fact to operate instead of conflict.