Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Soul: Bottled Or Not, It Is.

Does wine have a relationship with the bottle it is in? Does Coca-Cola cease to be Coca-Cola if poured into a Pepsi container? What is water's relationship with the jug, glass, bottle, cup, sack, or hand it is sipped from? Obviously there is no relationship between the two, wine is still wine, coke, coke, and water, water. The container that holds each simply holds them, the container is empty space that wine, coke, and water fills...or doesn't. And so let us move into the realm of our physical body, the psychological me, and what many refer to as the soul. I'd like to say, right from the beginning, that the psychological me is a mistake, a misrepresentation, an aberration. What could I possibly mean? Most people love this 'me' more than anything else in their lives.

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Let's start with the obvious, each of us has a physical body. This physical body has certain needs, demands. We can call these conditions, conditions for the survival of the body. They are not only obvious but absolutely necessary for each and every body, everywhere, equally. Now the notion of 'me' is a psychological reference point which refers to our particular body as opposed to an others. So 'me' refers to the physical body in a psychological sense, 'me' refers to the body within the realm of thought. And here in lies the problem. 'Me' becomes more than just the reference point of our physical body within thought, it becomes a product of thought as well. Not only a product of thought, but a never ending, unfinished, incomplete product of thought. And so just like the physical body it has manifested to refer to, its existence is conditional. Certain conditions must be met in order for 'me' to survive, be safe and comfortable. And so we begin to climb the slippery slope of denying other people their physical needs in order to accumulate our own psychological ones, for the 'me' and the body have a direct relationship, albeit delusional. They give and take from each other. Now where does the soul come into play, if there is such a thing?

Most people seem to believe in an individual soul, unique to themselves. Even if you believe a Universal Soul is within you, it is still merely a belief. It is just more 'me,' isn't it? For then there is a 'me' who must progress towards it, cleanse themselves, heal themselves, purify themselves, transform themselves, improve themselves, and all that 'me-made' non-sense, right? Do you honestly believe the soul has a give and take relationship with the physical body? Where have you learned such a thing? This would be the equivalent of believing Coca-Cola will turn into Pepsi simply by pouring it into a Pepsi bottle. Does it? Of course not. The soul, being poured into any container, will always remain the soul. Now wait, it gets better. So then, there's no progressing towards the soul, no fulfilling the soul, no need to become better to reach the soul, because there are no conditions set upon the soul, for it has no relationship with the container its in. Only the container has conditions set for its relative existence, as does the phantom 'me.' The psychological me has come about through a belief that the body has a relationship with the soul within it, or God, or what have you, and therefore the 'me' will be the vehicle to bridge the gap. There is no gap for there is no relationship, no in between and, therefore, no need for me to be anything other than a psychological reference point for the physical body. Now, just see what that does to the muddled mind of modern life.