Saturday, August 18, 2007

The War on Terror Has It Completely Wrong!!!!

Good day my friends. I'd like to briefly speak about this despicable virus on the planet today called the 'War on Terror.' If this isn't a sign of humanity's unspeakable ignorance I'm not sure what is. The 'War on Terror' has cultivated its own culture, worldwide. That culture is based in fear and blossoms into full blown hatred, resentment, racism, and near total deceit. It creates an enemy everywhere, known or unknown, verified or unverified, and feeds off suspicion, which in turn arises from judgment, hearsay, opinions and stereotypes. Individuals are being born everyday into this culture of terror, being raised in this culture of terror, having their brains molded and conditioned in this culture of terror. There is such a callousness to this strengthening culture, one that runs on near total base emotions, the emotions that dictated the lives of human beings everywhere before rational thought. Emotions, that to this day, seemingly hijack rational thought a lot of the time. This culture of terror is about being on the side of the 'righteous', protecting the 'right' lives, and defending ones actions with further terrifying actions. This culture of terror is like a decentralized concentration, internment, or gulag camp, where human live has absolutely no value except as fuel for the terror machine. Strong words? Maybe. Incorrect assessment, not from where I'm standing. The world, right now, is acting out in ways only justified by this war on terror and the culture it has been helping to shape and cultivate. Now don't get me wrong, this war on terror did not start 6 years ago. What started 6 years ago, for those of us living within the United States, was the renaming of this war, the heightened propaganda of this war, and the highlighting of its culture. The war on terror has been around as long as man.

Ignorance is the breeding ground of all war. When someone sees a deplorable act committed and believes the way to correct, or stop that act, is to inflict a deplorable act on the perpetrator, this is the movement of ignorance. So, what is it that we are ignoring when we react to this impulse to punish in the same vain as we've seen inflicted on another? Isn't it obvious from the question we've asked? Meeting violence with violence, murder with murder, betrayal with betrayal, war with war, isn't it obvious? Where exactly do you believe the line exists that separates murder from murder or brutality from brutality? That's right, the line exists only as a belief in the mind of the murderer, they believe they are right and the other is wrong, they believe they are justified and the other is not. It is a completely subjective phenomena, but when shared collectively, it creates the illusion of objectivity, which we, in turn, believe in. In other words, this fragmentation taking place in the mind of the murderer, becomes shared by those who believe in the same belief as said murderer. Belief, is born of ignorance. When one ignores the ever present simplicity of fact, belief becomes the absolute ruler of the day. And belief is as blind as a bat.

So how do we win the war on terror? Right, that's what everyone wants to know, how do we win? Are you willing to win, are you willing for the war to end? Because it has a lot more to do with you than you may think! Putting the semantics aside for a moment, the war on terror is won when human beings treat each other as whole, equally significant individuals. When every one's voice is heard and the common, practical, and absolutely functional way forward for all of humanity on Earth is consciously seen and collectively implemented. Impossible? Yes, it is impossible while humanity is in the grip of the virus of belief. And all our arguments and conflict surrounding this matter arise from this grip of the virus of belief. However, that's where you and I come in. For when an individual, having observed this entire process of belief within themselves, melts the chains of this virus with the fever of freedom, it is not only possible to end the war, you'll find it has already ended. That doesn't mean life is not a challenge, it is, that is one of many facts one faces without belief. However, you meet life's challenges with intelligence, ingenuity, creative and dynamic energy, together. You know, the incredibly wonderful aspects of human kind and our potential. Don't believe me? What I'm speaking about cannot be believed. Find out the truth or falseness for yourself and let that truth act.