Monday, August 6, 2007

Where are you when nothing is happening?

Everest from Gokyo Ri, Mt Everest, Everest trek

Where are you when nothing is happening? I hope no one has an answer already, you don't even know what I mean by you, nothing, or happening, right? So through my explaining what I mean I am not telling you what is true. The only thing more ridiculous than me telling you what is true would be you believing me!!! No, my explanation is simply to allow us to look at the same question with as similar a meaning as possible, then we are meeting each other. At that point you can take it upon yourself, without the need for me or anyone else, to find out where you are when nothing is happening.

OK, let's start with the word 'happening'. By 'happening' I mean direction, I mean one point moving towards another point. Direction through time, direction through space, for instance, one point moving towards another point in the future. An event that is said to have happened, like going to the movies last night, which I did. I, one point, decided to go to the movie theatre, another point, to see a movie. Got it? But also a 'happening' could take place entirely in thought, right? I'm thinking of myself, one point, and thinking of a way, direction, to get a woman to notice me, another point. So, that's what I mean by 'happening'.

Next is the word 'nothing'. In this instance the word 'nothing' means the negation of happening, no movement in a direction, no point moving towards another point. Got it? Now, you have to really pay some attention in order to see for yourself whether there is directional movement taking place, with thought in particular. Just to further flush out directional movement, it can be a purpose, an intention, a goal, acquiring something, searching, finding, looking for answers, following one thought to the next, you know what I mean? 'Nothing' in this instance means none of that directional movement.

Last word is 'you'. Simply stated, since we have pretty much flushed everything else out, 'you' are the starting point, the first point that moves towards another, the thinker of the thought, the one with the goal, the one searching, finding, answering, moving in a definite direction that you have chosen.
OK, that's it! Question defined. So what do you say...where are you when nothing is happening?