Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday, Part 4- 'A Day Early!?!?'

 lunar eclipse

Not sure why Wordless Wednesday has become Wordless Tuesday, unofficially, but when the bells tolls?!?! This collage of photos is taken from a lunar eclipse back in 2003. Last night I witnessed a spectacular total lunar eclipse, which I've written about in the post below, but have no photos of. Enjoy!

"The beauty of truth and its subtleties are not in belief and dogma, they never are where man can find them for there is no path to its beauty; it is not a fixed point, a haven of shelter. It has its own tenderness, whose love is not to be measured; nor can you hold it, experience it. It has no market value to be used and put aside. It is there when the mind and heart are empty of the things of thought." J. Krishnamurti - "Krishnamurti's Journal"