Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Battle To Condition.

Little Big horn, battle of Little Big Horn, Yellowstone N.P.,Devil's Tower, Yellowstone

Conditioning rules human life here on Earth. I'm not here to say that conditioning is right or wrong or anything like that, only that it has dominion over all animate life, including humans. And humanity, realizing to some degree that it is conditioned, attempts to recondition itself according to self-created images held in the mind. And of course, the images held in the mind are based on ones particular conditioning as well. It all seems to beg the question, 'is there any way out?' When you go to sit in a cave for seven years you are attempting to recondition yourself. When you're brought up going to church it is also an attempt by someone else to recondition you. When you stop going down to the local bar for a drink every night you are, again, attempting to recondition yourself. Every move humanity makes is a move to either recondition itself, or strengthen the conditioning already in place. In other words, conditioning encapsulates the mechanical aspect of human life. The question is, why do we go about ceaselessly attempting to recondition ourselves and do we have any idea WHAT IS ACTUALLY THERE, in the first place, before we set about conditioning 'it?' So, it seems to me that we, you and I together, would have to come to understand the actual movement of conditioning within the mind in order to find out whether there is an 'entity' being conditioned or just the movement of conditioning itself? For instance, an image, held in the mind, of being incomplete could set off a never-ending chain of reconditioning 'incompleteness' for the purpose of transforming it into another arbitrary image called 'being complete.' This entire movement, which can easily take over your life, may have nothing whatsoever to do with who or what you actually are but you will, nonetheless, be giving all of your attention to it day after day.

Most people are generally unaware of the fact that they are exceedingly more conditioned then the dog that wins 'Best In Show' or the pedigree horse that wins the Kentucky Derby. We train ourselves, and each other, in an endless exercise of futility and call it everything but being conditioned. How to act around others, how to speak, what not to do, how to do it, you know, on and on people expressing their needs, feelings, thoughts, and opinions. As if each demand and need is anything more than a bunch of conditioned responses needing to recondition others around them in order to feel comfortable and secure. Critics and atheists alike are always pointing out how religion has this uncompromising need to convert everyone into their particular flock. Of course, religion, in this instance, stands in as a clear example of the movement and nature of conditioning. A movement you will find beneath every unturned rock, if you would only go and look. I mean, I know this may come as a shock, but conditioning conditions, therefore it is always prone to strengthen the present 'flock' as it sets out to convert more. But before you tear down religion you will find that both you and I are guilty of the exact same thing with respect to ourselves, our self-hood, our me-ness. We are constantly strengthening our sense of 'me' as well as attempting to convert others into believing that I am who I say I am. So the movement and power of conditioning can be found at the core of 'me,' all the way out through the world of 4.9 billion believers, and back again. That's right, conditioning runs the show. A show pitting unconscious player against unconscious player in a battle to the very last breath. A show of confusion, built upon delusion, created in the mind that's transfixed on conditioning itself for a battle that does not exist. A battle with none other than itself.