Friday, September 14, 2007

Conditioning The Animal To Go Beyond Itself.

Let's talk about conditioning today, shall we? Conditioning is such an interesting subject of inquiry, partly because it is irrefutable but also because so few seem to give it a moments notice. 'You' and 'I' are the products of conditioning. There would be no sense of 'me' nor any sense of 'you' without this continuous process of being conditioned, reactively conditioning, and being re-conditioned endlessly. Our bodies come into this plane of existence incapable of surviving on their own and yet through time, repetition, observation and the formation of habit we are conditioned to survive here. From the moments preceding birth it takes a close association with other humans in order to train our brain to meet life with 'a center in need of protection.' This knot, this center, is initially formed through what is retained by the brain during conditioning. Very basically, it begins as an association of a name, an image held in the mind, with the physical body. This association then acts like a small snow ball which grows bigger as it's rolled through more and more snow. The snow, in this analogy, is further conditioning, while the ball being formed is formed entirely of conditioning. There is no actual substance in the middle other than snow. So this 'center' is formed and through it's near constant reaction forms a relationship with the conditioning environment around it, as well as, those within that environment. As you can see this conditioning process never slows down, never stops, and never changes in structure or nature. In fact, it becomes internalized at a certain point so that no other human being is needed to train it, for the movement of conditioning conditions itself. It is simply happening all the time, as a matter of human life itself.

In fact, most humans throughout time have seemed to believe that change, revolution, enlightenment, God-realization, beauty, truth, evolution, freedom, heaven, you name it, is actually reached or attained through re-conditioning the physical body according to an image already held in the mind. We are still doing this today, all over the globe, with our fellow human beings and internally with ourselves. All of our holy books, what a joke, are guidelines for re-conditioning according to images already established in the mind. It's so obvious, isn't it? All of them, wherever you find them, by whoever wrote them, including 'God himself,' are nothing more than manuals to re-train, re-condition the hypnotized animal to act according to the image. All of your self-help, self-improvement, self-empowerment is but the same old, sad excuse to re-condition the animal to act like God, see like God, feel like God, know like God, or at least be good enough for God. Conditioning says, 'become the image.' Our entire sense of an evolving individual stems from our attention moving towards or away from these mind-made images and acting, embodying, and fulfilling them accordingly. We are that sense of 'becoming the image.'

You may ask, 'what is the relationship between images and conditioning?' They are one in the same, images condition the brain to act as if it is the image. So in a very real sense, images already held in the mind condition the brain through their nature alone. Another interesting point is how images already held in the mind are what become attracted or repelled to the next image that arises thereafter. So, the very thing we call 'choice' or 'free will' may be nothing more than images already held in the mind being attracted or repelled by the latest incoming information, which takes the form of an image, of course. When an image attracts the minds attention it becomes self-possessed and 'lights up' while those that repel the minds attention become self-less and 'fade out.' You may refer to this phenomena as 'your path' or 'your story' but it is based entirely on the conditioning nature of images already established in the mind. Therefore, even your laws of attraction, secrets, and all the other new-age craze is but the same reconditioning of the animal to accept pre-determined images held in the mind. The next image you hope to embody may be a lot of things, but it won't be freedom! As you can see, just as the universe, 'out there' can be found to function with absolute coherence without the need for an individual 'overseer,' so the human being functions as it does without the need of a individual 'self' doing it. Mind you, I am not denying individuality, only pointing out the fact that what we currently refer to as the 'individual' is nothing of the sort. What we currently refer to as the 'individual' is but the mechanical march of images already held in the mind conditioning the brain to accept images as one's 'reality.' In my opinion, it is a completely fruitless, frivolous, and destructive waste of precious time.