Monday, September 3, 2007

Disclaimer: I Have No More, Or Less, Authority Than You.

I am blogging today to let you all know that I never speak or write with any more or less authority than you, the reader, have. I am not an expert, nor do I hide behind childish stories of superiority, spiritual, or otherwise. What nonsense! I am not here to separate myself from the herd, I am the herd. I am not here to distinguish myself from those who read my posts, nor am I here to teach or persuade you in any way. I truly feel all such behavior is absolutely destructive to the natural blossoming of human life. I am not here to convince or convert you with some shiny new belief, nor a dusty old one resuscitated back to life. For it isn't actually authority I speak from, it's observation, and I promise you all, I will never deny what I directly observe.

arrabida sky, blue sky,clouds

So how is it that observation can be mistaken for authority? This can only take place when one person is observing something and the other is not. Take, for example, the sky. If I go outside and see that the sky is clear today that is a direct observation. Anyone else free to walk outdoors can do so, look up, and see that the sky is clear. If, however, you cannot go outside and look for yourself you must take someone else's word for it. They, in turn, become the authority on whether the sky is clear or not. They become the authority because authority implies having personal knowledge that isn't open to an other's direct observation. Do you see the difference? So, for instance, if any of my posts seem to be laced with an authoritative thread it may just boil down to not directly observing, for yourself, the truth or falseness of what we are discussing together. Because here's the great psychological secret...all matters of mind, body, and consciousness are open and freely available for every single human being to directly observe for themselves. If you're stuck believing otherwise, you will continually experience the authority of another telling you how things are, or aren't, within your very own consciousness.

Remember, authority implies you cannot observe for yourself, you must be taught or told by an other. Authority tells you that direct observation is some special gift for the few, or ability that must be learned or passed down through some lineage. Observation is not handed out by those with authority, for authority, of any kind, deny observation. So why not simply discover, through finding out for yourself, whether or not what someone tells you is true or false? You can start right now, right here, with me. Is what I have shared in this post today true or false? No amount of knowledge can take you any closer than you currently are, nor will any amount of hope, progress, or belief take you any closer than you currently are. For authority, of any kind, is not the vehicle, direct observation is and nothing stands between you and direct observation. That's precisely why I have absolutely no more, or less, authority than you have. I am simply observing that which is open and accessible to each one of us. But it's entirely up to you whether or not you look past the words on a screen and observe that which is being described alive within you.