Saturday, September 29, 2007

Does Life Present An Entirely Different Challenge?

What if everything happening around the world today is happening within a much larger context than I am presently aware of? Without being aware of the context that the world's events are occurring within, what are the chances of me making anything but a mistaken move? Especially if I'm moving according to an image already established in the mind. Images already existing in the mind are remnants of partial understanding, which, of course, is just another word for misunderstanding. When we react to an image we set in motion yet another manifestation of misunderstanding which, in turn, bears its own fruit. The consequences of this manifestation are, again, remembered and reacted to in what becomes a ceaseless chain of cause and effect. It is precisely because of our improper responses to life over time that we have accumulated so many images that attempt to mold our future actions according to what happened, or did not happen, in the past. And it is within this mental mess that human relationship is born, takes shape, and flounders within. For it is these same images held in the mind that compel us to attempt to change each other into better forms of ourselves. I certainly have tried my best over the years and failed miserably.

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Nevertheless, the entire world quickly and dramatically shrinks to become the context for the change I want to bring about, thus being reduced to having no meaning or purpose in and of itself. First, we are led to believe that our perspective is true, right, and proper while an other's perspective is faulty. So what is there left to do but attempt to change the faulty into the true, right? Each perspective, mine and yours, simply arise and create the context for its own standard of truth, but it is not objectively so by any stretch of the imagination. Just because we can rationally piece together images in a way that blinds us to any other option or outcome doesn't mean it is true, even though it seems that way. It seems that way because we are not being given any other information to form or re-form our position. Our position is formed by images already held in the mind, gathered from the past and interpreted according to our conditioning so we are stuck with a rational, linear, narrow frame of reference created by the very idea that came up to be proven right or wrong. Therefore, each action someone takes sets in motion an outcome pre-determined by those who take part in it. Each participant views the action from their own perspective and reacts accordingly. Therefore, life becomes a battle to indoctrinate each other in order to spread our particular perspective on things. For when you share my perspective I feel safe, secure, and comfortable around you. So, besides the pettiness of needing to have my own perspective validated by others, does life present an entirely different challenge?