Saturday, September 22, 2007

Forgiving Others.

Let's start today off with forgiving everyone for everything they have ever done. No, I do not need to know what everyone has done before they are forgiven, what's the difference? People are forgiven, not because they deserve it, but because there is no one at the center of the deed needing forgiveness in the first place. Every act is but a conditioned response to an act that came before it based on acts already recorded in the brain of the one conditionally responding. It is a near totally blind process occurring in the brain, not the independent act of an independent entity doing it for an independently drawn up purpose. Is the whole world crazy? How about stupid? Sure, it might feel good to suggest so from time to time, but it is, of course, not true. However, the whole world is most certainly ignorant. Extremely, dangerously ignorant of a process unfolding closer than their breath or heart beat. A process, whose by-product creates a sense of self where there is none.

It's so funny to watch the brain conditionally response to everything it takes in by finding out how it can compartmentalize it. Where does it fit so that it doesn't disturb my delusional sense of equilibrium? Maybe what I've suggested above is spiritual in nature and therefore given a certain amount of attention before being thrown into the spiritual pile of garbage you're currently collecting. Or maybe it is psychological by nature and you don't really care or believe much in the findings of psychology so it is left alone and forgotten. Or maybe you consider it too conceptual for you, you're a 'down to earth' kind of person, and so you discard it immediately. Maybe you agree or maybe you disagree, but either way you have defused the fact sufficiently enough to proceed in your unconscious state of existence once again. Unfortunately for you, it is none of these things. It's purpose is to simply call you out. It is putting you on notice, your ignorance cannot hold off the onslaught of intelligent light being shed onto this dark process of the brain. It is only a matter of time before more and more people see the dangerously ignorant state of their own being and demand that it change immediately. And the demand is the change! And so, for you who are open, seeing your own ignorant position exposed, can you not see the forgiveness of all things through all people? And doesn't this forgiveness for all people open up the door to forgiving yourself? Forgiving yourself for mistaking a mechanical process for an independent being is allowing intelligence to move full circle. Intelligence is therefore in a position to live life, the very same position you used to believe you held.