Sunday, September 23, 2007

How Important Is Peace?

How important is peace in your daily lives? In the relationships you maintain, is peace a priority or is it easily kicked aside when a bit juicier emotion or thought comes along? Why should any one of us be interested in what an other does or does not do? I mean, it's one thing if I want to pour myself into observing the workings of the mind but why must I include you? Is it that I see all of us destroying something beautiful without knowing we're doing so? Or is it that I need to feel as if I'm doing something useful while trying to stay afloat in a sea of ignorance and disinterest? Maybe it has something to do with the way life unfolds through an insecure human brain, the fact that at no time, in no place, is there firm, secure ground that one can sink themselves into. I mean, if my desires change on a daily basis, if what I want flickers in and out of view, if reality seems to morph from one perspective to another, how can there be an independent entity that would feel secure in such an environment? There cannot be. If the environment is insecure, the one living within that environment will be insecure as well, right? That is, as long as that someone depends upon the environment for their survival.

So, there is this movement out into the landscape in order to attempt to secure the environment, for the thought is that when the environment is secure, I will be secure. Civilization, as it has evolved into modern society, is that attempt to secure the environment so that I will be secure within it. But it doesn't work. I mean, it hasn't worked for everyone, but that's not to say it doesn't work for a few. So the question is, does it work for anyone? In other words, if you attain all you have desired, if what you want is always firmly within your grasp, and if reality seems to stay as fixed as an inanimate object, are you secure in yourself? Is this state of mind even possible? Does anyone ever stop having desires that beg to be filled? Does the perspective of reality ever remain fixed? Ever since the dawn of civilization, have we been caught up in one big fairy tale?

I'd say the mess within the environment that is seeking security is the root problem to be faced. But so what? Why does it matter what one person thinks when there are so many other people thinking in such diametrically opposed ways? Am I here to convince you to believe me, to follow what I say instead of what they say? What a waste of time that would be. So, really, what's the point? Thoughts, like physical bodies, come and go in such quick succession, is there anything to actually do here during our life together? All the knowledge we have gathered has not made us happier or safer. We're told to live for ourselves yet all along we know each of us effects the other and therefore to act as if we are independent agents is to bring suffering to bear on each of us in all sorts of different shapes and forms. I'm not so sure there is anything for us to do here on Earth. I'm not sure there is anything like evolution in psychological terms, for psychologically speaking, humanity has hardly moved an inch. It would seem that we could live our lives here in peace and simple enjoyment of the wonders of such a beautiful life but so few seem interested in pursuing such a stance. A stance totally free of all that humanity has gathered and muddled its mind with. I guess there's just juicier thoughts and emotions that most of us would rather act out.