Saturday, September 1, 2007

Light Reflecting Off You, Light Reflecting Off Me.

softness, anicha beach, sunset, arrabida, beach,sun reflecting on water

This post comes from my observations over the last few evenings while sitting down by the ocean as the sun gets low in the sky and eventually sets. I love the time of each day when the sun begins to dip into the lower western sky. For that hour, hour and a half before it sets, the angle of the light is such that everything is cast in the most awe inspiring glow. If you've spent any amount of time outside during your life I'm sure you know what I mean. As I sit next to the receding shoreline I watch everything from a place of 'still' love. The water, sand, seaweed, seagulls, blackbirds, pigeons, pipers, mountains, sky, smog, clouds, trees, buildings, the horizon, and of course, people are all my objects of continuous curiosity. Of course, what's most impressive about all of these beautiful expressions of life is not what they are, in and of themselves, not in this moment at least. In this moment, when the sun sinks into that magic zone, it's all about the light! It is the reflection of the light off of all of these things that brings a rising joy that cannot be tamed! In that light there is the total ending of time and the death of all things put together by the busy mind. There is an absolute stillness that touches everything on Earth when that light reflects so kindly off of our life 'down here.'

And it is this light that I want to bring our attention to today. Particularly the light when reflecting off of all the beautiful faces I see on that tiny stretch of coastline I occupy for a few moments each day. As you know, when you're NOT paying attention to light you sometimes see attractive faces and sometimes ugly ones. When you're NOT paying attention to light you sometimes see angry faces and sometimes sweet ones. Again, when you're NOT paying attention to light you sometimes see sorrow filled faces and sometimes ones aglow with joy. However, when you're actually paying attention to light, it's a funny thing, for you always see beauty, everywhere! Light reflecting off a human face is such a beautiful sight. And when you're looking at the light you're not seeing the personal object reflecting it. You're not seeing who they want you to see, or who they fear you can see, you're seeing only this beautiful reflection of light. Some people may be uncomfortable with you looking at them but its only because they don't realize you're not looking at them, you're looking at the beautiful reflection of light. I say, let people think what they will, we all do, all the time, anyways.

And an interesting thing happens when you allow this beautiful way of seeing to move inward. Yes, that's right, into the mind full of objects, into the mind of you and me, mine and yours, right and wrong, you know, the real battlefield of existence. When you expose that battlefield to this way of seeing there is a totally different movement taking place. Remember now, you're not looking at the objects, the naming of emotions, the defining of thoughts, the judging of images, the comparing of experiences, you're simply looking at the light that reflects off of them. Therefore, you're interest is not tangled up in 'you' or 'me' as an 'object' demanding your constant, actively involved attention, but only as an 'object' capable of reflecting the most beautiful of light. Light, reflecting in the mind, looks like knowing. Not what's known, those are the objects capable of reflecting light, whether ugly, petty, big or small. No, the quality of knowing, the capacity of knowing, the beauty of knowing, itself. For without this movement of knowing there would be no objects to know nor would there be objects to see without the movement of light to see them. So next time you look at a face, see the light reflecting off of it and be instantly transported out of the confines of our petty battlefield to bask in the warmth of this eternal light.