Thursday, September 6, 2007

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind?

Greetings. I wanted to kick this latest post off with the age-old adage, 'out of sight, our of mind.' It seems quite apparent that for most of us the mind exists solely within the confines of the sensory world. In other words, the mind, of which I cannot define for you, is reduced to the content of what one is aware of through their senses. In this regard it is utterly foolish to artificially separate an inner world from an outer, for both worlds are one in the same movement of sensory stimuli. Your thoughts, feelings, memories, and internal images are no different than the external experiences you are aware of in any given day. All are made of matter, all are mere objects in one's sensory consciousness. And so this prison of our senses is the very landscape where me and my life flourish or flounder.

Star-filled sky,stars,night sky,sky

Viewing life from this perspective one can quite easily see how every belief ever held to, by anyone, anywhere, is but a simple, mechanical reaction to a particular sensory stimuli. Take, for example, religion, a particularly powerful belief that cripples the mind and its ability to operate coherently. Religion is a reactive, mental mechanism to the sensory experience of death. Fearing death, one's brain is thrown into a state of heightened insecurity. Needing to find a way out of such insecurity the brain invents an idea that will assure itself a return to a sense of equilibrium. That's right, the brain seeks security and comfort through the belief in delusions of its own making. This, in turn, sets up a system of acquiring security from an absolutely insecure process, the perpetuation of self-illusion. It twists life into the attempt to secure the validity of insecure, impermanent, unstable, and completely fabricated illusions. The argument that others see, belief, and know as I do is utterly insufficient, for we all share the human brain, the center of this delusional apparatus. Therefore, it is all to common to see masses of people enjoy the same delusion.

Is there no escape, no way out? There is no escape from this delusional life in the realm of belief, in the realm of reaction. You can call religion by any other name, like spirituality, and yet arrive at the same place, delusion. You can react to any number of sensory objects, like war, and be in the same place you started at, delusion. You can acquire all the knowledge yet brought forth and take not one step out of delusion. Whenever you attempt to objectify yourself, or any other aspect of being, so that you may observe it, you are creating delusion that will necessarily collapse beneath the weight of its own absurdity. Science may make incredible sensory advances for our species, or incredible setbacks for that matter, but it is at its foundation an objectifying phenomena. In this regard, it is more closely aligned to a play you may watch for mere entertainment than an escape from delusion. For science cannot promise to bridge a delusional gap between the observer and the observed, for it only hardens the delusional belief in a separate observer as the one who knows. No, the end of delusion is far to simple for all these brain games to comprehend. The end of delusion is the end of creating delusion, and the end of creating delusion takes place in the brain of the one reading this post. So what do you say, time to end delusion?