Thursday, September 27, 2007

Reflections Of Society.

The wonderful, and often challenging, aspect of myself is how disillusioned I naturally become with myself, with my own self-image. This whole play of spirituality has grown tiresome and old. There is really no difference between what one would call spirituality and any other self-made pursuit occupying ones time. Spirituality is no closer to truth than any other man-made invention. All there is, is belief. Belief is the only thing that makes what you hold in your right hand any more valuable than what you hold in your left. Belief is self-deception, pure and simple. And wherever you turn, you will turn to find belief digging its trench once again, planning on holding on for the long haul. Are we all just occupying time and space until we are wiped out? Are people happy and free from fear or are people simply isolated, alone, and hiding their pain? I want to know people. I want to meet with people and get to know them all. I want to communicate with people without the contextual backgrounds of their particular crippling beliefs getting in the way. I want to strip this life down to its fundamental core and expose it to everyone so that all may know for themselves just how silly this play-life we're currently performing actually is. I want to be free of my own self-imposed limitations. I want to live without the image I form in order to fit into the society I imagine is out there waiting for me.

So what does it look like to live without the image?