Sunday, September 9, 2007

When I Look You In The Eye I See Nothing!

Today was further confirmation of what I have been more and more aware of as of late. When I look someone in their eye, anyone, I see absolutely nothing there! Do let me explain, for it is not some fantastic feat. It is simply beyond my ability to doubt any longer that the 'internal' world is a complete and utter make-believe, a self-fabricated reaction to the 'external' world when met in an entirely self-centered fashion. The 'internal' world essentially duplicates the 'external' through creating images of it that it can, in turn, manipulate and reintroduce, or re-enact, externally for its own sense of being and progress. So, in a very real way, you and I are not having a relationship with anything other than our own imagined creations when there is a sense of 'somebody' relating to 'somebody' else. It is all completely made up. However, it doesn't seem that way to most of us. It seems as if the 'internal' world is simply informing us about the 'external' world, 'as it actually is.' It doesn't lead us to believe it is creating that 'external' world we see, experience, remember, and react to. It leads us to believe the 'external' world is objectively 'there,' exactly as we experience it, with or without our thinking/feeling about it. True or not true? Mind you, there's no wiggle room here, opinion doesn't count. It either is so or isn't so. Now why, you may ask, am I so convinced of this fundamental fact?

soldiers, Iraq, U.S soldiers in Iraq

Well, simply because when I look you in the eye I see nothing. Here we go again!?!? When I'm not looking you in the eye, I can be aware of judgment in the mind. I can be aware of opinions, gossip, interpretations, implied meaning, remembered images, words, feelings, thoughts, past experience, all of which seem to color, accentuate, and define the 'objective' world around me. I can be aware of how when I think of someone, I feel I know them, or when I think about a situation, I feel I know what is right. I can be aware of how I feel religion to be an absolute poison in the mind, just as easily as I can be aware of how nationalism, racism, and selfishness poison the mind. And yet, when I see a hare krishna singing, clapping, and dancing around, or a woman exiting a church, or a politician speaking on television, or a soldier serving in Iraq, I see none of these things. Not when I'm actually observing the individual, eye to eye, so to speak. I see nothing 'there' at all and no one 'here' seeing it. The internal creations of mind do not exist. I would say there is a love present, but too many people would not understand what I mean. There's nothing personal about this love. In fact, there is nothing other than this love when in the immediate presence of being, any being. Looking these people in their eyes, or any person, for I've had this eye-to-eye experience countless times with every walk of humanity throughout the world, I see myself, and by myself, I mean nothing created by the mind at all.

Most people labor away trying to convince themselves, and others, that their 'internal' map of reality is coherently in-line with the external world around them. Most people slave away at improving the relationship between the inner and outer. Most people suffer beneath the weight of maintaining an inner, isolated sense of self that will reflect its nature, externally, through its words, actions, and deeds. Most people believe the inner and outer perfectly aligning with each other is humanity's purpose, journey, and path to evolution and fulfillment. Either that, or the inner completely overtaking the outer and replacing it with a world of its own making. And most people are dead wrong. Careful observation of the mind's movement alone reveals exactly what is, and is not, so. To follow this observation is to lay down your weapons, walk off the battlefield of self-deception, and observe exactly to whom, for what, where, how, and why this battle is taking place. For when I look you in the eye I see nothing.