Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wordless Wednesday, Part 8- 'A Few Hours Early!?!?'

shark fins,shark fin soup

Approximately 25,000 tons of shark were poached in 2003 off the Northern Australian coastline alone. When the sharks are caught their fins are cut off and they are thrown, fin-less, back into the ocean where they sink to the ocean floor and essentially bleed, or suffocate, to death. This practice continues to grow, and exists almost exclusively, because of the demand by certain Chinese to eat Shark Fin Soup. It seems the soup of choice for China's ultra elite of long ago has become the soup of choice for the growing class of prosperous Chinese today. Why do we overlook the fact that the brain holds an image of this soup and believes it signifies prosperity? And believing as such distorts perceiving the consequences of marketing this soup for the sake of feeding so many delusional people. Instead of dropping fin-less sharks back into the open ocean, why not drop useless images back into the empty mind? For this soup is but one of countless images crippling humanity.