Monday, September 10, 2007

The World And Myself Are One In The Same!

Now that my ankle is feeling much better I've had the opportunity to walk and bike down to the beach and along the shoreline. There are always so many people out and about in the Venice area so it should come as no surprise that people watching is another passing pastime of mine. I have to say, the human being is such a strange species. And it ought to become obvious to anyone observing it that the world we live in, the structures, rules and habits of being, are all man-made. Made from where, you might ask? Out of thin air, so to speak? Of course not, out of thought. And so the process that creates a sense of 'self,' within, also creates the world around this 'self,' without. Of course, this process of thinking, self-centered as it is, creates a self-centered world to make its own. That is, each 'individual' is made up of self-centered thought that reacts through a particular body in order to shape the external world in its own particular self-centered fashion.

New York City, Radio City Music Hall, USA,NYC,

The world, naturally, is completely and utterly broken apart. That's not to say it was ever whole, obviously it NEVER was. The world has always been broken apart, fragmented, in pieces, with each individual coming along and trying to put the pieces together to form a whole, that is, in their own unique and utterly divisive manner. The world is in pieces for two basic reasons. First, it is created, built, and maintained by a process that, in itself, is broken apart, fragmentary, and ultimately false. Second, this process, pretending it is a unique and independent being, acts upon the world with its own isolated perspective, thus tugging the world into further pieces by fighting every other 'individual' attempting to do the same. You may believe, 'well, I don't do that, I'm not trying to fix, change, or alter the world.' You're probably right, in a way. For most of us, the world, being too large of a concept to adequately grasp, simply gets reduced in the individual's mind to their particular corner, their country, their land, their family, their lover, their children, etc. And it is from here that they attempt to put the pieces of their isolated world together. You couldn't find another endeavor that begins with the degree of certain failure as this one does. Just look at the utter incoherence of this divisive movement called thought. And yet, it unconsciously goes on. Why? It's simple really, it goes on because the 'self' you take 'yourself' to be is made from this very same process you see operating in such a divisive fashion everywhere around you.

That is, the madness of the world begins exactly where 'you' and 'I' am. The madness of the world is, in fact, the by-product of our utterly false notion of individuality. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting there is no such thing as an individual, there most certainly is. Only this, the 'thing' we call 'me' or an 'individual' is exactly NOT what individuality is. This is such a clear example of the power of the word to hypnotize the mind through believing the word represents the thing it is said to describe. This is such an incredible discovery, for instead of the mind observing, first-hand, the process of its own thought it has been trained, hypnotized really, to look only at the words that describe this movement. In doing so, the mind essentially 'turns aways' and relies solely on the word accurately describing the thing it is 'standing in for.' Is that clear? It's revolutionary just to see that taking place in the mind.

So let's take a look at the word 'individual.' The word individual means indivisible, whole, one, not broken apart, independent, not depending on anything outside of itself. And we take that to accurately describe this mess called 'me!' What a complete joke! 'Me' is so obviously the exact antithesis of individuality, that is, except in the brains of those who believe otherwise. Individuality is totally different than this mess called 'me.' There is nothing in common between 'me' and actual individuality. And no matter how hard you try, there is no separating 'yourself' from the 'world,' for that is exactly the nature of that which has put you and the world together in the first place. But if you stopping trying to do so you may just discover, through observing what is actually taking place, what true individuality actually is, through being a true individual.