Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Emergence Of Peace.

The emergence of dynamically different human beings, human beings capable of living in harmony with the marvelous movement of life, the Earth, each other, and themselves. Is it possible? 
In fact, this blossoming is not possible without you and I, together, cooperating today. For it is through our willingness to expose our hidden process of individuality to the light of a collectively passive awareness that opens the door to the possibility of this blossoming taking place.
 If you think this is religious work, you're mistaken. If you think this is spiritual work, from long ago or recently discovered, you're mistaken. If you think we are following some authority, living or dead, you're mistaken. If you think this is political, social, environmental, Western, or Eastern, you're once again mistaken, for seeing a fact is timeless and without ownership. 
This interest is a human interest, plain and simple. Not yesterday’s interest, or last millennium's, but today’s ever-burning interest. So please ask yourself, as a human being, living in the world today, with the pettiness of our narrow human-to-human existence, the self-centeredness, waste, squander, ignorance and escapes, sorrow and suffering, can an entirely different human being non-violently emerge?

Is that possible? Not tomorrow, not after 20 more years of this or that, but today, with you and I, right now? 
Are you willing to be this human being? The one that bares the exposure, vulnerability, pain, honesty, compassion and responsibility necessary to free life from the grip of delusion? If you are, then you provide all of us the space to distinguish, together, that which is fundamentally true from that which is not and our relationship takes on an entirely different significance. 
We co-create a mirror where each of us can observe the movement of individuality operating collectively, as well as, internally, for ourselves, directly. This mirror objectively reveals a unified field of common, shared phenomena, a process. And when that process is entirely perceived there is the possibility of welcoming what lies beyond it into our lives. And since our discovery occurs through the mirror of relationship, we will naturally create a different world with each other, and be a different human being within it. So what is it that you see when you look in the mirror?