Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our Total Lunar Eclipse Of Understanding.

As one looked up through the pale black sky, drowned out by street lights and the constant, nearby glare of a large city at night, one could make out the full moon begin to be eclipsed by Earth's shadow. Accompanying the sounds of people chatting, televisions flickering, and cars driving by, there was a sense of a distant spectacle happening in a blanket of deep silence. The air was cool, it had been lightly raining most of the day, but the sky broke open as the sun set, and cleared up for this evening's main event. As the shadow enveloped more and more of the moon it seemed to drown out the sounds of the city much like a fresh new layer of snow used to do in remembered years past. One was alone with that moon and the moon was alone with itself.
Being alone seems to be one of the most difficult things for the modern human being to do. One can observe an almost automatic reaction to avoid being alone, even for a moment. We must always be occupied with something and when we are not occupied with something we simply make something up to be occupied with. Surely this reaction to being alone has become such a strong impulse that it is hardly noticed and most times, when it is noticed it is praised. We reward those who remain driven all the time, those who always have something to do, somewhere to go, someone to be. Have you ever become aware of a habit? Any habit will do. A habit is a movement who's very denial creates a sense of pain, sorrow, frustration, emptiness. Not that there is something left when the habit is not obeyed that hurts or frustrates you. For the simple fact is that not flexing the habitual muscle itself hurts, is frustrating, and makes one sad. If one could pay attention to even the simplest and most insignificant of habits, paying attention to how it operates, it's nature, one could follow such awareness into the depths of oneself and our entire society. For the world runs on a habitual auto-pilot just like the one that compels you to not be alone, to always be occupied with one thing or another. Society avoids exactly the same thing you's own sense of being...alone and in full view.
As one looked up the full moon was a shade of brownish red, signifying the eclipse was total. One could hardly notice, or remember, what the moon looked like without Earth's shadow covering it in its entirety. The brilliance of its full face glowing white when the sun was free to shine on it completely. In a few hours time that brilliance appeared once again. Did you see it?