Friday, February 29, 2008

Walking Without A Problem.

Walking today one could see how the mind operates as a problem solver. Whenever there is a conflict the mind steps in and attempts to solve it, straighten it out. A lot of times the cause of said conflict is the mind itself and yet it still goes out in search of the solution. One thing ought to be clear to all reading this post, the mind always operates in a state of fragmentation, duality. And the mind will never rest until all problems are solved. The funny thing is, the cessation of problems becomes a problem as well. What does this mean? It means that the mind has become accustomed to acting, moving, and therefore refuses to stop. The fuel of the mind is problems, and finding their solutions, and so the mind continually finds or creates problems in the attempt to solve them. Clearly the nature of the mind has something to do with the problems of the world today. For to the mind, a problem is a problem, whether it be how to stop a genocide in Africa or how to get a fellow employee to notice me. The mind is never satisfied, it can never stop moving. But why? Has the human being identified itself with the mind? Has the mind identified itself with the human body? Are we confusing the mind with the brain?
Walking beneath the blossoming trees one could sense the coming of spring. Everything around oneself was preparing itself for this oncoming event. Somewhere, within all things, the corner had been turned and the winter was behind us. It was more than the sun shining and the temperature being a few degrees warmer. It was something one could not simply see or hear. It was closer, it was as if the change blowing in over the ocean, the change moving the Earth's rotation was taking place within the cells and atoms of all things as well. It was as if the mind remembered that spring was approaching, and so it was. The budding trees, jasmine flowers, orange blossoms, and roses were all welcoming that something in the air telling them to reach higher, grow faster, and take in more of the ever increasing sunlight. New, small, delicately green, baby leaves could be seen on almost every branch and the colors of spring filled more and more spaces here and there.
The brain knows the trials and tribulations of the individual but not the whole. It's attempt to solve problems beyond itself create larger problems, for the answer in one small, fleeting corner of existence does not translate to other corners, elsewhere. The brain only thinks about the part and therefore can only imagine the whole it believes it belongs to and it's relationship with it. The brain experiences a world of many brains, and since each operates from it's own center, there is boundless conflict between them. It is only when the brain is still, without a problem and without the need to create a problem, that the nature of the mind reveals itself. When one has a moment, do walk outdoors and ask yourself, does any tree or bush resist the coming spring?