Monday, March 31, 2008

Earth Hour Revisited.

California's Earth Hour was at 8:00pm, on March 29th, and as one turned off all the electricity in the apartment the mood and energy of the place suddenly switched. After but a few moments of sitting comfortably silent, in the flickering candlelight, one's life of sheer make-believe dissolved. There was no year, there was no hour, there was no mental structure from which a line of self-continuity could be established. Without time, nothing else, in the realm of individuality, was possible for time holds one's entire perception of reality in its tightly closed grip. And in doing so, gives total importance to the object of it's own making, me. Being alive is the only factor not under time's control. All else, all that is internal, and all that is external, has come from the time-bound minds and hands of human beings just like you. Objectively speaking, nothing exists as good or bad and no one exists as a saint or a sinner, for everyone and everything is judged by those observing the show, according to ideas already established in their minds. You may dictate that your ideas have come from an outside agent, God, spirit, an enlightened individual, or any other fanciful notion, but your believing so only binds you tighter in the prison of your own making.

India, banyan tree
Is it any wonder why the world looks and behaves the way it does? (The world being our relationship with one another.) There's never enough time in the world we've weaved. Not having enough time naturally creates circumstances of aggression and fear. Of course, I do not necessarily mean time as measured by the clock, which is rather insignificant. No, there is a seat to time that lies much 'deeper' than the ticking of a clock. This seat is where the past, present, and future are sown together to form the landscape of 'my life.' There are no lasting solutions to be found for the world's woes within the landscape of our past and future and yet it is the only place people know to look.

Sitting alone, with the silent flicker of a candle, one was the solution to the world's woes, for the ending of time means the ending of all that time has sown. And the ending of all that time has sown is the solution to all that time has done.