Monday, March 24, 2008

Learning Implies Having No Outcome.

I was aware of something extraordinary today. I was watching CNN, which was running snippets of Barrack Obama and Hilary Clinton, and realized I have absolutely no opinion on who should be the Democratic candidate for president. And this position I found myself in had nothing to do with 'not caring,' because I care deeply about all issues concerning humanity's well-being. No, my position, or lack there of, was entirely due to my passion for learning, and learning implies having no outcome. Allow me to explain. When one has an outcome, an opinion, a static perspective, a belief, a background, an identity, or what have you, one is incapable of learning, because one is continuously operating under a blinding bias. Don't worry, I'm not offending anyone, you love your bias', you protect them, worship them, and attempt to spread them far and wide. What are your bias'? Your bias' are none other than yourself. They make up your temperament, your opinions, your perspectives, and emotional availability. They are the narrow cracks you peer out onto the world through. They were your conditions growing up, your experiences, culture, and capacity to remember. They are the way you interpret the world around you and measure up your place in it.

All of these facets, and more, make up one's identity, and yet the more facets there are, the more there is to be exposed as limited, shallow, wrong, or just plain ignorant. This fear of exposure causes more and more of oneself to seek out a place to hide, in order to remain secure with one's own self-image, for an identity does not exist to be questioned. Now, the only way one can hide within the field of one's very own consciousness is to severely restrict the movement of one's own awareness, which will naturally prevent learning from blossoming forth. Why is this, you may ask? Well for one, learning requires space and freedom to move, of its own accord, in all directions. As we've stated above, an identity can never allow this freedom to take place because so many directions in one's consciousness are simply off-limits, not to be seen or questioned, and therefore only accepted 'as so'.

Which brings me back to the case with these two candidates. If you want one of them to win you simply cannot see, cannot hear, and are not aware of the total movement of what is taking place. You only see, hear, and are aware of what you need to be in order to keep the conclusion you hold in good standing. And the truly frightening thing about all of this is that if you have a fixed position, in this case a particular candidate, you are not capable of seeing, hearing, or being aware of what I am suggesting in this post. You simply think along the lines of, 'I'm aware of what's being said by both of them, I can hear them, see them, and I just consistently come to this same conclusion, that candidate x is the one.' Learning is so much larger than any particular conclusion, even if that conclusion is as large as 'the cosmos came from a big bang', or 'the 11th dimension'. When one doesn't have an outcome, a fixed position, then nothing is out of bounds and the bounds just continue to fall away from you, leaving more and more space for learning to take place. Learning is a total movement, it is the awareness of the total movement of life, without a beginning or end. This learning implies there being more interest in the free movement of learning itself than any particular object arising within one's field of awareness. What else can I say, when I see these two candidates I see our future, I see the American dilemma, I see the role and realm of politics and politicians, I see identities needing to be validated, I see myself, I see so much more than we ever speak about. This is learning, it actually isn't that 'I see,' but that seeing takes place with such ease and intrinsic depth when there is no defensive 'I' to be found, when there is no outcome needed. If you haven't connected the dots yet, an outcome exists as long as an identity does. When one is gone, the other cannot be found, and only the beautiful movement of learning remains.