Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Root Of All Evil...Relationships?

tree at dusk, beautiful tree
Have you ever examined the movements of your own mind? That is, bringing one's awareness to the movement of thought, feeling, memory, and experience? If you have, then you are equally aware of how these facets of mind do not arise independently of each other but rather blend together to form the indivisibly familiar movement called 'me.' And one of the fundamental elements of this movement of 'me' is the duality of relationship. Where there is a 'me' there is not only a 'you' but also a manner in which 'I' can relate to 'myself.' In a very basic sense, the movement of 'me' is divisive, creating separation in order to transverse it through its own, predetermined means of relating. Let us define relationship, within the realm of humanity, as a connection between two or more people or groups and their involvement with each other, especially as regards how they behave and feel toward each other and communicate or cooperate. Most may think of their relationships with those they know and love in much the same manner and yet what the definition of the word 'relationship' leaves out is the actuality of the objects in relation to one another. Again, in the human realm, the actuality is that each person relating to another, or themselves, is relating through the multi-dimensional movement of mind: one's own particular thoughts, feelings, memories, and experiences.

This places each individual's movement of 'me' directly at the forefront of our relationship with each other, and I am proposing that it is our relationships that create all the known, and yet to be known, conflict, suffering, and problems we face as a human race today. If this is so, then wouldn't it make sense to understand this movement of 'me,' which operates within the field of each individual's very own awareness? Why has so much time and suffering gone by without a group of concerned humans giving themselves to the understanding of that which operates right under their own noses? It is the movement of relationship that one must pay attention to in order to understand and end, conflict, for it is within the movement of relationship that this movement of 'me' manifests itself in our world. In other words, we can no longer simply say that 'they are the problem,' or 'if only he/she changed,' or 'why can't others be more like us,' because the issues, conflicts, and problems at hand exist between the observer, me, and the one observed, you. Conflict has never independently rested with the observed, the 'other,' as we so conveniently suppose most of the time. And what is it that lies 'in between' the observer and the one observed, between you and me? There is nothing but the relationship we create, there is nothing but our thoughts, feelings, memories, and experiences coming between us, bombarding each from the other side.

Why don't we see this relationship? Could it be because when one is not aware of the totality of this 'me movement,' one believes certain aspects of it, operating in certain moments, as being a reality objectively arising beyond one's own creation and continual influence? Is it that this basic ignorance creates conflict because one is believing something to be objectively so, when it is in fact subjectively generated as part of the movement of your own mind in relationship to something or someone else? What do we mean by such comments? Well, for example, you believe a thought is factually informing you about something concerning the world around you, or the person sitting next to you, when it is, in fact, subjectively generated by a movement of mind you are not paying complete attention too. In reality, this thought has more to do with your remembered past than the 'real world' that's presently before you. Therefore, when you act on this information, as if it were objectively real, conflict arises, for your actions never accurately interact with the present moment. This inaccuracy may not be noticeable in that first moment, but since this 'me movement,' and the action springing from it, take place constantly the cumulative effect will inevitably manifest as conflict.

Even your seeking of help creates conflict, for others can only tell you what to DO, not how, what, or where to observe. And so you train yourself to imitate another according to behaviors you're told have a certain meaning. Through doing so, you never awaken your intrinsic ability to observe this movement of mind that's presently operating within your own field of awareness. Therefore, your self-help dulls your mind. Your relationships dull your mind. Your books, techniques, practices, and beliefs dull your mind. Your life dulls your mind. And a dull mind is a conflicted mind and a conflicted mind creates conflict wherever it goes. The root of all evil exists, it is created, and re-created, within the realm of our relationships with ourselves, the Earth, and each other. It is through the understanding and direct observation of the movement of 'me,' in relationship, that uncovers conflict and our near total misunderstanding of ourselves and the beauty of life we're a part of. Are you willing to take a hard look?