Friday, March 28, 2008

Time + Life = My Life.

The moon sat motionless above the city's shadowy outline. Large and looming, the 3/4 moon seemed to almost be watching over a city at sleep, like a mother would a frightened child. It was a beautiful sight to see, how the immensity of life can dwarf all the human being has put together. The air was now still, a sharp contrast to the daytime which felt hefty, ocean-drenched gusts of wind driving onshore. Everything seemed to be at peace, resting or asleep, and in hours like these it is easy to believe that all could be well on Earth. At least in this corner, at this time, all was indeed well. Suddenly a morning bird began to sing. If it were close to dawn one would not pay it much mind but it was still the middle of the night. This morning bird's song seemed so strangely out of place in that moment and yet exquisitely perfect. One listened for some time, while staring up at that motherly moon, and it's beautiful song continued with delightful repetition and peppered nuance. The moment at hand knew no time nor place, arising between one day and the next, it belonged to neither the past nor the future. One could have been standing anywhere on Earth and that timelessness would be there, along with that moon and the song of that small bird. Just as suddenly as the song of that bird arose there was a subtle quality of ending present; a total ending, a death, which was not the enemy of life but it's ultimate ally. It was almost as if, in that moment something new was being born, something that had never been before; a preciousness that only the moon, a morning bird, and oneself were to witness.

Time is an extraordinary thing. All that we, as a human race, have come to know and accomplish owes its existence to time. Time is progress, time is knowledge, time is the very fabric of one's consciousness, imagination and life. Time lays the groundwork for the functioning of thought as we know it. It is infused in every moment of every day, internally, as well as, externally, for the man-made world around us is simply a constructed reflection of the world 'within.' One can find, upon investigation, that everything we have put together by hand has come from being put together in the mind first. And time runs the show with a near total rule over the human brain. It is not only the distance between here and there, whatever here and there may be, but also the vehicle to cover said distance. Time's birth takes place the moment a piece of information is retained in the brain, for retention becomes the starting point for the progressive movement of thought.

The absolutely essential nature of time can only be overshadowed by it's destruction tendencies as pertaining to the 'progress' of the individual. Time has become such an incredible tool for the survival of the physical body that one has easily lost sight of how the image of oneself, created in and of time, was never intended to seek its own survival. The image one builds of oneself is built to keep the physical body secure from harm, not to become an independent body of its own. But through the continuous movement of progressive thought, feeding off more and more psychological time, the image has taken on a life of its own. Still intimately intertwined with the physical body, yet seeking its own 'individual' progress, one's image inevitably creates a movement of conflicting circumstances, pitting physical and psychological survival against one another as if they were two separate objects. All problems in our world today stem from this imaginary riff and one can trace this riff to the movement of time itself. For time has become synonymous with life, the mental representation of life itself, and, therefore, seemingly has the power to give life to anything, including an image of its own making. It may at times seem difficult to conceive of time creating an 'imitation' of life realistic enough to fool one's own perception, but in such times simply replace the word 'time' with 'thought.' Who would deny the power of thought to create anything it wants? Just look around, the products are everywhere, extraordinary products. Is it really such a stretch to see yourself as yet another product of thought as well?