Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The World.

Life is experience based. There is no life, as we know it, without what we would typically call experience. There is a need for experience. We need the experience of eating food, the experience of drinking water, the experience of warmth, the experience of thought, the experience of love. Without these experiences, over and over, on a daily basis, our experience of life would come to an end, our experience of being a body, wiped out. So the experience of life depends on certain experiences being repeated over and over, day after day, year after year. The human body, in other words, demands experience in order to survive. Survival is need and need is a form of conflict. What is conflict? Is conflict some thing, or a relationship between two or more things?
As we've said, the human body needs the experience of having, or consuming, other things in order to survive. But we know survival in today's world to be made of much more than that. I experience many needs on a daily basis. When I examine myself further it seems to reveal a peculiar fact. That fact being: 'I am need'. I often times don't need any thing in particular to survive, I just need in order to know that I am. And in order to fulfill this need, anything and everything will do. I can use any thing, event, or person and conflict is created. That movement of conflict becomes my nourishment, it is my survival. So am I, the same 'I' that every human embraces as themselves, nothing more than a continuous movement of conflict?
For if I am, then the continual demand to fulfill my own needs would make it impossible for others to fulfill theirs, therefore creating conflict between us, as well as within each individual, automatically and exponentially.
Looking at this from another point of view, what if the same consciousness is simply identifying itself with differing bodies? Conflict would then be defined as the relationship of two or more self-conscious objects existing within the same space, for these objects are seemingly separate and yet of the same consciousness. Therefore, 'me', 'you', 'I', and 'we' would all be found to be completely conflict based for they isolate and break an indivisible consciousness apart. And we call this conflict, this survival, human life. Do you know what word the following definition defines? A state, situation, or series of events involving interesting or intense conflict of forces. The word is drama.
Are our lives not full of drama? Are you not the story-line of drama itself? Of all the possible movements of energy between two people, why is the predominate movement one of conflict? What if conflict arises from consciousness meeting itself in differing forms and, not recognizing itself, takes from the other that which it needs for itself. If every human being is operating from this center, this 'I' of survival, what would be the result? The world we live in today.