Thursday, April 17, 2008

Images Reign Over Consciousness.

Our entire planet is ruled by images already established in the mind. Whatever you hope to be, whoever you think you are, wherever you feel you must go, all of it is image based. Self-growth is image based, fixing self-perceived problems is image based, your saviors, saints, and gurus are all image based. There is nothing outside of the image as far as one's life is concerned. Everything you do is for the sake of the image you have of yourself. Images lie at the beginning and end of every endeavor. In fact, there can be no destination without an image, for it is the image that you arrive at, nothing more. Those among us who peddle freedom, truth, and understanding are selling images, for they are none other than the fulfillment of an image themselves. An image is but a fixed representation of a mistaken aspect of living. It is static, dead, defined, and always known, either by you or another. Like a snapshot of life, it holds nothing within it but a picture, empty and utterly meaningless except for whatever fancy you invest in it. How could you possibly compare a photo with the life it represents? For it is only a petty mind that settles for images, denying the reality before it.

Images are the building blocks of our manifested lives. Images give us structure, boundaries, rules, and limitation. Images define reality for us and give meaning to all form. A human being grows up with the sole purpose of becoming the image they desire. Through the gauntlet of like and dislike images form which we cling to as our own sense of being and from which we repeatedly re-create in the hopes that others will recognize them in a similar fashion and know that we are what we say we are, at all times. Images are the habitual survival grooves of the mind and these grooves are formed with the energy of near constant resistance. One must resist the natural flow of energy, in any given moment, in order to assure their reaction meets the image they desire to have manifest. In other words, the image is how you wish the world will see you. The image is how you wish the world will receive you, think about you, feel about you, remember you, and know you. The image is a complete sham and utter waste of living. And yet, everyone is striving to be the image they imagine they are, or want to be. EVERYONE. Your books, when they define for you 'who you are' or 'who you are not', are image based. Your books, when they tell you about God, truth, love, compassion, success, morality, or what have you, are image based. Your Pope Benedict, Dalai Lama, Jesus Christ, Eckhart Tolle, or whoever, are all image based. All information passing between us, along with all the people peddling it, are all the results of image-training, of perfecting the image, of creating stand-ins for a living, breathing, dynamic reality unknown to the mind caught in image-making and it's maintenance.

And every image holds to the same basic demands. Every image must be recognizable to others. In other words, you will not believe someone is telling you the truth unless you believe they are trust-worthy. How do you determine whether an individual is trust-worthy? You compare them to the image you have of being trust-worthy. If they pass the test, you trust them and believe what they say to be true. But are they trust-worthy or have they not just become an image of being trust-worthy? Or rather, is there such thing as being trust-worthy or is it only an image, representing no actual reality other than the idea of its own making? Just like taking certain vows, which many religions demand of serious followers, does not deliver you any closer to God, only closer to the image of one capable of knowing God, which is not an actual state but only the image of an imagined one. What a joke!! Everything, everywhere operates in this same fashion. Image-making is the FABRIC from which each and every life is cut. We comprehend the world around us, and within us, because both are entirely image-based and therefore self-created. Can you comprehend a mind free of image-making? Of course not, it would only be an image. But you are capable of observing the process of image-making. And mind you, what has been shared here is but a shallow reflection, a faint calling out from the wild. For if images are dead, then knowledge is dead, and if knowledge is dead then all those offering you a solution or destination are only leading you to the graveyard. There is no use in following anyone. Observe yourself from the only vantage point you have, your own.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Human Beings Are Fundamentally The Same (period)

Orphans, AIDS victims, Youth Alive Club of Musoma

I have felt another condition break in my mind today. It was one that was heavily fear based, having to do with what others think of me, what others would do to me if I were to be myself. Today, I will inform you, my friends, that I am ruthless in my love of life! Absolutely ruthless, and it was terrifying before now. And yet, I never realized until the condition was gone that the terror had much more to do with the fearful condition being in place, superimposed on this ruthless love, than the ruthless love itself! Sure, I am afraid some people will not understand the change in me, but so be it... I am what I am, why deny it any longer? Am I living this life as myself, or as someone else may want me to be? Before today I guess I would be somewhat unclear about that, but not now. The energetic difference is palpable. I thank you all for listening.

Human beings are fundamentally the same, the world over, everywhere...period. There is no debating this issue, it is a fact. A fact may not be the most comfortable thing to face, people seldom face facts as a result, but it is so logical, so sane, so healthy and responsible to simply face, bare, unadulterated facts. The suffering you and I go through each day, in our 'heads', is no different then the suffering each individual the world over goes through as well. There is just absolutely no such thing as 'mine' or 'yours' in terms of psychological space, it is a shared, inter-related landscape where each human being is plugged in and downloading suffering, misery, isolation, despair, anger, resentment, jealousy, resistance, stress, and an occasional passing joy, from the exact same hard drive. The idea that we would even talk about individuality while this FACT runs unconsciously, everywhere, is a standing joke to anyone who is observing the fact in themselves. When humanity turns their collective back on this operating system and then has the nerve, born from sheer ignorance, to dictate to others what is, or is not, the cause of our problems on Earth is an amazing spectacle to watch. Although, some of us get tired of simply watching. How much longer can one remain sane in a world so utterly consumed with ignorance unless you are ignorant yourself? Is it that hard to imagine that the conflict we feel within may have everything to do with the fact that we are ignoring what we know to be absolutely true? Religion is not the answer to humanity's problem, it is a by-product of the cause. Politics, nations, sovereignty, and capitalism are not the answer to humanity's problem, they are a by-product of the cause. Our relationships with each other, changing them, improving them, fixing them is not the answer to humanity's problem, they are a by-product of the cause. Self-help, self-improvement, self-realization, selfishness in all forms is not the answer to humanity's problem, it is a by-product of the cause. When you realize none of these playthings of a agitated mind will bring about the solution to humanity's problem you stop playing with them. And then, my friends, the solution moves into this world through you.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Collective Mind Is A Superficial Mind.

Walking alone one has a sense of all things being alive and having no purpose other than being. There is no goal, no outcome, no way to the natural world. One may assume a goal, see an outcome or propose nature's way but it is only one's fleeting thoughts on the matter, nothing more. Life lies beyond the individual's grasp, beyond the ability of the mind to comprehend. Because the mind feels insecure in not knowing it creates meaning and boundaries where there simply are none. It then, the mind that is, chooses to live within the confines of its own making, an imaginary world leading an imaginary life, because it knows the rules, the boundaries, and its general place there. Seeing as the mind only knows its self-restricted landscape it seeks constant expansion through knowledge, through adding more and more meaning to the world it has created. Your gods, or God, arises within your prison of make-believe and further damns you to self-isolation. The collective also arises out of this need for security and therefore dictates the direction and expansion of knowledge. Because one's very life has become knowledge-based this particular movement of mind must be in constant use. When knowledge is not used, triggered, it simply drifts away, like a plastic bag on the ocean's tide.

Therefore, knowledge must be held onto with all one's might for everything we know and do today stems from the knowledge gathered, remembered, and used yesterday. When used enough it becomes genetic information an individual is born with. When not previously used enough, knowledge must be recorded in the brain and recreated to such a degree and consistency so that it becomes habitual, or automatically recalled when needed. And it is precisely because this whole mechanism of mind runs on a need to be secure with one's sense of knowing that life, itself, is constantly overlooked in order to settle for the structure one has built and spent a lifetime getting to know, me. It is this structure that we feed everyday, cloth, care for, and nurture. We simultaneously share this structure amongst us and at the same time call it our own. It is our sense of self, both personally and collectively. In fact, there is no difference or line of demarcation between the personal and collective, they are one in the same movement of mind. And it is this security-based movement of mind that is extremely superficial, for it simply imitates the movement around it.

Look at the phenomena of reading self-help books. Someone, claiming some sort of authority, writes a book and others read it. If it is popular, for whatever reason, many, many more people read it. Now, what are you doing when you read such a book? Why do you read such a book? Thousands, sometimes millions of people reading the same '7 Steps To Becoming A Better You.' Translating what they read so that it makes sense within the confines of their particular thought process. Doing what they are told, thinking about what they were told, speaking about what they were told, telling others to do what they were told...Is it any wonder individuals are frustrated, isolated, and downright depressed? Where's the human in this mess of conditionality? The media, in a general sense, operates the exact same way, thinking for millions of people so that they don't have to think on their own. Why? Because independent thinking is dangerous, it creates insecurity for it is no longer swimming in the waters of the collective. The next time you partake in a casual conversation, watch the 10 o'clock news, or read some self-help-self-made guru's book, see if you cannot observe the training your mind is undergoing. It is really not unlike the training of a dog, if you are told something long enough you believe it is possible and if someone other than you collaborates what you've been told it becomes a law you must follow.

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Friday, April 4, 2008

The Root Of All Suffering, Part 1.

As observed from a certain perspective, everything the human being is currently doing in order to be happy, to help others, to save the environment, to be secure, and comfortable is a complete and utter waste of energy. For until the human being faces what lies within the field of their very own consciousness, all of our actions simply sow the seed of our own suffering. This "current of time-bound existence" is the root cause of all disorder, both within and without, and trying to solve or fix this disorder through any other means than honestly and openly reflecting upon it within one's own sphere of influence and awareness is utterly disastrous. Wherever one looks, throughout every aspect of our lives, humanity is locked in a bitter race against time, with all of our suffering, from the greatest collective calamities to the smallest personal affairs, taking place within the confines of time and subject to it's precarious mercy. It is this current of time that forms the fundamental framework of our existence. It creates the rigid structure of one's life, channeling attention through a narrow passage of 'me' and 'mine,' and converting most of our energy into the consuming movement of self-interest. Self-interest refers to the concern I have in the individual that's progressing through time, in other words, 'my' concern with the image of 'myself'. With this ever-increasing weight of self-interest my perception and, therefore, experience of the world, those living within it, and even myself is distorted. Everything appears broken apart and isolated; not only out there, but within me as well.

Perceiving life in this manner creates a neurotic attachment to the fragments considered 'mine' and the attempt to piece together and maintain a coherent whole. Ever since birth, each day that passes demands more and more energy and attention to be directed towards this progression of self-interest. Survival of the physical body morphs into something almost entirely conceptually based. And since I, the individual, have known nothing aside from this current of time-bound existence, it seems as if I accept my destiny of selfishly progressing through it. I compete everyday with all those I know and see around me in the hopes of fulfilling my own hidden, self-centered motives, image and desires. What serves my interests is considered good, what doesn't, bad. And these labels can change almost instantly. From childhood, up to an adult, this burden is learned, accepted, and added to. Each of us demands, through the society we create, that one another agree to participate in self-centeredness to the point where life is reduced to little else. And if we multiply this personal phenomenon by several billion we get a snapshot of our world today, the complex web of isolating need, fragmentation, secret loneliness and mounting sorrow of so many self-absorbed individuals. And yet instead of falling into despair, or running into fantasy, can each of us, if we are interested in such matters, ask the question,'can this current of time-bound existence ever come to an end?' For accompanying the ending of time is the ending of human suffering as we know it.

So, is it possible? Now, the understanding of this time-bound current, and the possibility of its ending, is not some spiritual, religious, political, or environmental issue. It isn't a fringe idea, a new social order, or the latest belief system. It cannot be institutionalized or compartmentalized as a sub-culture and ignored. The ending of this time-bound existence is a global-wide human issue demanding a practical, and utterly functional, approach. An issue and approach that every human being alive today would be capable of imparting upon, for each of us must address human suffering in our own lives if there is to be a future for humanity on this marvelous Earth. All that is required for the understanding of the issue at hand already exists within the landscape of our very own consciousness. Each of us has the capacity to be passively aware of the movement of time as it flows through, and between, each one of us for it is the movement of time that incorporates the image of myself with the world I believe to be around me.

It is my intention to discover the validity of this statement in a shared environment of cooperating individuals. In this manner, each of us may perceive the truth, or falseness, of what we perceive for ourselves, therefore, remaining free of all external authority, personal delusion, or need for interpretation. In keeping with this intention, I maintain Compassionate Council in order to ruthlessly expose this current of time-bound existence as it flows through myself, and out into the world, for our mutual observation and investigation. The only question we cannot explore together is whether you are willing to join me in this dynamic investigation into consciousness?

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