Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Collective Mind Is A Superficial Mind.

Walking alone one has a sense of all things being alive and having no purpose other than being. There is no goal, no outcome, no way to the natural world. One may assume a goal, see an outcome or propose nature's way but it is only one's fleeting thoughts on the matter, nothing more. Life lies beyond the individual's grasp, beyond the ability of the mind to comprehend. Because the mind feels insecure in not knowing it creates meaning and boundaries where there simply are none. It then, the mind that is, chooses to live within the confines of its own making, an imaginary world leading an imaginary life, because it knows the rules, the boundaries, and its general place there. Seeing as the mind only knows its self-restricted landscape it seeks constant expansion through knowledge, through adding more and more meaning to the world it has created. Your gods, or God, arises within your prison of make-believe and further damns you to self-isolation. The collective also arises out of this need for security and therefore dictates the direction and expansion of knowledge. Because one's very life has become knowledge-based this particular movement of mind must be in constant use. When knowledge is not used, triggered, it simply drifts away, like a plastic bag on the ocean's tide.

Therefore, knowledge must be held onto with all one's might for everything we know and do today stems from the knowledge gathered, remembered, and used yesterday. When used enough it becomes genetic information an individual is born with. When not previously used enough, knowledge must be recorded in the brain and recreated to such a degree and consistency so that it becomes habitual, or automatically recalled when needed. And it is precisely because this whole mechanism of mind runs on a need to be secure with one's sense of knowing that life, itself, is constantly overlooked in order to settle for the structure one has built and spent a lifetime getting to know, me. It is this structure that we feed everyday, cloth, care for, and nurture. We simultaneously share this structure amongst us and at the same time call it our own. It is our sense of self, both personally and collectively. In fact, there is no difference or line of demarcation between the personal and collective, they are one in the same movement of mind. And it is this security-based movement of mind that is extremely superficial, for it simply imitates the movement around it.

Look at the phenomena of reading self-help books. Someone, claiming some sort of authority, writes a book and others read it. If it is popular, for whatever reason, many, many more people read it. Now, what are you doing when you read such a book? Why do you read such a book? Thousands, sometimes millions of people reading the same '7 Steps To Becoming A Better You.' Translating what they read so that it makes sense within the confines of their particular thought process. Doing what they are told, thinking about what they were told, speaking about what they were told, telling others to do what they were told...Is it any wonder individuals are frustrated, isolated, and downright depressed? Where's the human in this mess of conditionality? The media, in a general sense, operates the exact same way, thinking for millions of people so that they don't have to think on their own. Why? Because independent thinking is dangerous, it creates insecurity for it is no longer swimming in the waters of the collective. The next time you partake in a casual conversation, watch the 10 o'clock news, or read some self-help-self-made guru's book, see if you cannot observe the training your mind is undergoing. It is really not unlike the training of a dog, if you are told something long enough you believe it is possible and if someone other than you collaborates what you've been told it becomes a law you must follow.